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Frugal Friday Fortnight [2 September 2016]

My Frugal Friday report struck a chord with many readers – thanks for your emails and messages. You’ve encouraged me to think even harder about living lightly and consuming less. Reusing and “making do” has become a natural part of our lifestyle since committing to a year of buying nothing new (which has evolved into… Continue reading Frugal Friday Fortnight [2 September 2016]

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The Entertainment Book foodie tour of G-town

Being fifty-something, I’ve learned the value of a dollar. I get that it’s less about what you earn and more about what you do with it. When your thoughts turn to (the whimsy of) retirement, saving a buck or two seems even more imperative. And, so it came to pass that we bought an Entertainment… Continue reading The Entertainment Book foodie tour of G-town