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I’m dreaming of a simple Christmas

Being fifty-something, I’m old enough to decide what Christmas looks like in our house. And so it came to pass that when I gingerly peaked inside the Christmas storage boxes a couple of weeks back, I saw nothing inspiring. There were all the usual suspects collected over the years … shiny baubles, hanks of tinsel,… Continue reading I’m dreaming of a simple Christmas

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Adventures into upholstery #1

Being fifty-something means I’ve spent half my life not knowing how to upholster. I’ve got an upholstery itch I need to scratch. My planned upholstery course (yes, it’s on my Bucket List) has been cancelled for the second time. Sad face. So, I’m grabbing the stapler gun by the horns and teaching myself. (Holy button-back… Continue reading Adventures into upholstery #1