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Copper shopping in the house of memories

Copper, copper everywhere. This warm, pinky metal seems to be front and centre of every magazine, lifestyle supplement and Instagram account I open. From sleek light fittings to organic shaped bowls and even wood baskets, copper is the metal flavour of the month year. And I want me some! Such are the dilemmas one faces… Continue reading Copper shopping in the house of memories

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Partners in crime (comrades in rescue?)

Being fifty-something doesn’t mean that date night isn’t interesting. Quite the opposite. Take last night for instance. Mr P and I headed into the city (on foot) for an Indian meal. As we readied to cross the highway we noticed a long (very long) piece of timber moulding on the footpath, obviously displaced from a… Continue reading Partners in crime (comrades in rescue?)

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Finding my tribe at the collectables fair

Being fifty-something, I thought I was reasonably “in the know” about collectors. Not so. This past weekend I learned that I know just a fraction of a pisquintith about collecting and what I think I know is based mostly on assumptions and stereotypes. I blogged back here about joining the Geelong Bottles and Collectables Club.… Continue reading Finding my tribe at the collectables fair

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Hob-knobbery at the local church jumble sale

Being fifty-something, I love discovering a foraging opportunity close to home. And so it came to pass that I hurried along to the local church jumble sale, just a few doors down from my own, arriving expectantly at the advertised start time. Alas, the early bird had beaten me to the worm. There were sold… Continue reading Hob-knobbery at the local church jumble sale

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Gone clubbing … fifty-something style

Being fifty-something, the thought of joining a new club is at once daunting and exciting. Recently I accompanied my friend W to our first (for both of us) meeting of the Geelong Bottle and Collectors Club. I was uneasy, unsure whether I’d meet the club membership requirements. I’m not a fanatical collector. I have more… Continue reading Gone clubbing … fifty-something style