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Dearest Coffee Machine

Being fifty-something, the reality of an empty nest has been on the horizon for some time. Foresight was cold comfort when I returned from a recent holiday to discover that Boy Wonder (my last little chick) had kicked himself out of the family snuggery and into a new adventure with his girlfriend. Don’t get me… Continue reading Dearest Coffee Machine

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The fence philosopher

Being fifty-something, I’m happy to grab my life philosophy and learnings when and where I can get ‘em.  I especially love it when I discover them in unexpected moments. Last year I blogged about our Year of the fecking fence. As I suspected, our fencing phase overlapped into 2013, though only just. As soon as… Continue reading The fence philosopher

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Parallel parking – a life-long learning opportunity (apparently)

Being fifty-something, I’ve got thirty-something years of driving experience under my pedal foot. Yet, I haven’t mastered the parallel park. Actually I did have parallel parking down pat at one time – when I first took my driver licence test. I’ve rarely put my parallel parking skills to the test since. I like to say… Continue reading Parallel parking – a life-long learning opportunity (apparently)

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Psyching myself up for the family portrait

Being fifty-something, I’m starting to think that there are already too many photo’s of me in this world. If I was never captured on film (or in pixels) again, the world wouldn’t shift from its axis and I’d be happy enough to be remembered by my pre-fifty-something snapshots. Which is saying something … most of… Continue reading Psyching myself up for the family portrait

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Gone clubbing … fifty-something style

Being fifty-something, the thought of joining a new club is at once daunting and exciting. Recently I accompanied my friend W to our first (for both of us) meeting of the Geelong Bottle and Collectors Club. I was uneasy, unsure whether I’d meet the club membership requirements. I’m not a fanatical collector. I have more… Continue reading Gone clubbing … fifty-something style