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Frugal Friday [19 August 2016]

Lately, I’ve been fielding questions about my year of buying nothing new. I haven’t been banging on about it mostly because it felt like a personal mission rather than an opportunity to air my laundry. Still, folk are keen to know whether I’m lasting the distance. Two and half years in, I’m proud to report that… Continue reading Frugal Friday [19 August 2016]

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Easter volunteering with BlazeAid

It’s 7pm Easter Sunday and I’m doing my best to hoover down the best roast turkey dinner in the history of humanity (as my neighbour would say). But my arms aren’t playing the game. They’re floppy and shaky; they refuse to elevate above shoulder height. They’re jelly. Thanks to two days of hauling tree branches,… Continue reading Easter volunteering with BlazeAid