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Word For Word Non-Fiction Festival 2016

Being fifty-something, I’ve figured out where my “campfires” are, the places where I can gather with like-minds to feed my curiosity, celebrate, commiserate and share stories. One of my campfires is the writers festival circuit. I love an author talk, a book signing, a writers’ panel and a writerly workshop. Today I attended the launch… Continue reading Word For Word Non-Fiction Festival 2016

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Food Trails by Lonely Planet ~~Book review

Being fifty-something, I’m all for the road less travelled. Give me a quiet, uncrowded journey where the magic unfolds at my pace. If that magic is punctuated by new food experiences, all the better. In Food Trails, Lonely Planet unpacks 52 short breaks embracing the road less travelled through a cherry-picked collection of the world’s… Continue reading Food Trails by Lonely Planet ~~Book review

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The Entertainment Book foodie tour of G-town

Being fifty-something, I’ve learned the value of a dollar. I get that it’s less about what you earn and more about what you do with it. When your thoughts turn to (the whimsy of) retirement, saving a buck or two seems even more imperative. And, so it came to pass that we bought an Entertainment… Continue reading The Entertainment Book foodie tour of G-town

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Lake Elizabeth, deep in the Otways

“It’s dusk. You’re canoe-gliding across a remote forest-fringed lake, the air bristling with birdcalls and eucalyptus aromas. From the water, skeletal grey tree trunks claw for the sky. Your guide gestures towards a ripple and (at last) you’ve got what you came for … a platypus encounter in the wild.” It’s months since I wrote… Continue reading Lake Elizabeth, deep in the Otways

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Client meetings at the midlife

“Good morning. I have an eleven o’clock with Ronan.” “Ronan’s on a Skype call for another fifteen. Can you take a seat?” she purrs at me, pushing a visitor pass and clipboard across the shiny white desk. “Sure.” Fuck. I should have insisted on Skyping. From my office cocoon. With poor light. In my PJs.… Continue reading Client meetings at the midlife