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The Ultimate Bucket List for Over 50s

Being fifty-something naturally boosts bucket list cogitation up the dinner party conversation agenda, even though it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. To do, or not to do a bucket list? Are you on the yay or nay team? I’m far better at listing than ticking off. For me, the process of listing (even if only in… Continue reading The Ultimate Bucket List for Over 50s

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Where there’s a will …

NB: This is sponsored content. For a variety of reasons, people might feel they have not been reasonably provided for when someone dies, whether it’s a family member or someone who they share a close relationship with. If that’s you and you have no legal background, chances are you’ll have no idea where to begin… Continue reading Where there’s a will …

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Client meetings at the midlife

“Good morning. I have an eleven o’clock with Ronan.” “Ronan’s on a Skype call for another fifteen. Can you take a seat?” she purrs at me, pushing a visitor pass and clipboard across the shiny white desk. “Sure.” Fuck. I should have insisted on Skyping. From my office cocoon. With poor light. In my PJs.… Continue reading Client meetings at the midlife

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The fifty-something dagwood (and the changing shape of families)

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Being fifty-something, I read plenty about baby boomers being the “sandwich” generation, sandwiched between stay-at-home adult children and caring for long-lived, elderly parents. I think, there are more dimensions to the midlife meal than that. Many more. It’s a multi-layered “dagwood” sandwich that caters for modern-day appetites. For example, we’ve… Continue reading The fifty-something dagwood (and the changing shape of families)