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Am I late to the vinyl party … or early?

Being fifty-something, I’m prone to reminiscence. Today, I went scurrying beneath the house to unearth our 70s/80s vinyl record collection. A copywriting assignment for a vinyl record retailer got me inspired. As I waxed lyrical about the warmth of high fidelity sound, I got to thinking about the records and artists that underscored my growing… Continue reading Am I late to the vinyl party … or early?

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2016 Glenfiddich Artists in Residence Prize

Being fifty-something, I know that the world’s a better place with whisky in it. And, as a writer, I know how creativity sparks in stunning, scenic environments, the more distant from the commitments and distractions of day-to-day life the better. (I give you Hannah Kent, Iceland and Burial Rites.) So, how did I not know… Continue reading 2016 Glenfiddich Artists in Residence Prize

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Frugal Friday [19 August 2016]

Lately, I’ve been fielding questions about my year of buying nothing new. I haven’t been banging on about it mostly because it felt like a personal mission rather than an opportunity to air my laundry. Still, folk are keen to know whether I’m lasting the distance. Two and half years in, I’m proud to report that… Continue reading Frugal Friday [19 August 2016]

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Adventures into subdivision #4

Rusted-on readers will know we’re on a journey into the badlands of subdivision. I posted about it here, here and here. There’s not been much posting about it since. You see, if you live in an area with a “heritage overlay” populated by notorious objectors to most developments, you’re best to keep your head down –… Continue reading Adventures into subdivision #4

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Adventures into subdivision #3

If you’ve been following along, you already know that we’ve been hokey-pokeying about subdividing our principal home property. I told you a little about it here. And a little more about it here. It’s a slow old process. It’s already given us dozens of should we/shouldn’t we conversations and shiploads of stress-induced insomnia. And we haven’t… Continue reading Adventures into subdivision #3

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The Ultimate Bucket List for Over 50s

Being fifty-something naturally boosts bucket list cogitation up the dinner party conversation agenda, even though it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. To do, or not to do a bucket list? Are you on the yay or nay team? I’m far better at listing than ticking off. For me, the process of listing (even if only in… Continue reading The Ultimate Bucket List for Over 50s

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Where there’s a will …

NB: This is sponsored content. For a variety of reasons, people might feel they have not been reasonably provided for when someone dies, whether it’s a family member or someone who they share a close relationship with. If that’s you and you have no legal background, chances are you’ll have no idea where to begin… Continue reading Where there’s a will …