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Am I late to the vinyl party … or early?

Being fifty-something, I’m prone to reminiscence. Today, I went scurrying beneath the house to unearth our 70s/80s vinyl record collection. A copywriting assignment for a vinyl record retailer got me inspired. As I waxed lyrical about the warmth of high fidelity sound, I got to thinking about the records and artists that underscored my growing… Continue reading Am I late to the vinyl party … or early?

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Frugal Friday Fortnight [2 September 2016]

My Frugal Friday report struck a chord with many readers – thanks for your emails and messages. You’ve encouraged me to think even harder about living lightly and consuming less. Reusing and “making do” has become a natural part of our lifestyle since committing to a year of buying nothing new (which has evolved into… Continue reading Frugal Friday Fortnight [2 September 2016]

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Adventures into subdivision #4

Rusted-on readers will know we’re on a journey into the badlands of subdivision. I posted about it here, here and here. There’s not been much posting about it since. You see, if you live in an area with a “heritage overlay” populated by notorious objectors to most developments, you’re best to keep your head down –… Continue reading Adventures into subdivision #4

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Adventures into subdivision #3

If you’ve been following along, you already know that we’ve been hokey-pokeying about subdividing our principal home property. I told you a little about it here. And a little more about it here. It’s a slow old process. It’s already given us dozens of should we/shouldn’t we conversations and shiploads of stress-induced insomnia. And we haven’t… Continue reading Adventures into subdivision #3


Adventures into subdivision #2

Today, I’ve been contemplating our beautiful silver birch trees in the midst of their autumn splendour. Will this be their last autumn? Downsizing is all about letting things go. If we go ahead with our smaller footprint plans, our trees will have to go to make way for a new build in our backyard. And where the f!@k… Continue reading Adventures into subdivision #2