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Am I late to the vinyl party … or early?

Being fifty-something, I’m prone to reminiscence. Today, I went scurrying beneath the house to unearth our 70s/80s vinyl record collection. A copywriting assignment for a vinyl record retailer got me inspired. As I waxed lyrical about the warmth of high fidelity sound, I got to thinking about the records and artists that underscored my growing… Continue reading Am I late to the vinyl party … or early?

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Partners in crime (comrades in rescue?)

Being fifty-something doesn’t mean that date night isn’t interesting. Quite the opposite. Take last night for instance. Mr P and I headed into the city (on foot) for an Indian meal. As we readied to cross the highway we noticed a long (very long) piece of timber moulding on the footpath, obviously displaced from a… Continue reading Partners in crime (comrades in rescue?)

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Finding my tribe at the collectables fair

Being fifty-something, I thought I was reasonably “in the know” about collectors. Not so. This past weekend I learned that I know just a fraction of a pisquintith about collecting and what I think I know is based mostly on assumptions and stereotypes. I blogged back here about joining the Geelong Bottles and Collectables Club.… Continue reading Finding my tribe at the collectables fair