bucket list

In no particular order …

1. Visit Paris

Isn’t it on everyone’s list? I’ve been sprouting about this one for a very long time. Generous friends and family bring me back trinkets from their visits to the city of love – I have miniature Eiffel Towers, key rings, scarves and postcards like you wouldn’t believe.  All lovely reminders that my turn will come soon enough. Last year my girlfriend called me from a public phone at the top of the Eiffel Tower – I was on another call and ignored the “call waiting” signal. She has never forgiven me. Le sigh.

2. Complete an upholstery course

I see myself learning the upholstery craft (from a master!) and then recovering my tired furniture in stunning Florence Broadhurst prints from Signature Prints.

I would love to cover this dated but lots-of-life-in-it-yet ottoman …

… in something like this:

3. Complete a fun run

I came perilously close to this at the Mother’s Day Classic last year (2011). I tore my Achilles tendon in a training run just a few days before the event and have since been working to recover enough to walk the 4km, let alone run it! My running career may be over before it even began. Still, I’m aiming to get there and hoping for the best.

Here’s a pic of my sister-in-law and training buddy (L) crossing the line last year (for both of us). So proud of her and would love to have been beside her. One day!

4. Experience a V8 Supercars meet

Update: Ticked off, September 2012

Most people are surprised that I have an interest in motorsport. I love watching TV coverage of the V8s and have been known to enjoy the odd evening at the speedway. It’s a terrific experience for connecting with your inner bogan and it’s something P and I can share. I’m not going to count the time we drove hundreds of kilometres through the night in 1977 to reach Bathurst for the big race. We were teenagers and I can barely remember it other than the fear of setting up a tent beside a group of bikie types and hoping for the best. P actually slept through most of the race and got sunburnt.

I’m planning to give it another shot – with a grandstand seat, maybe even a catered box to do it in style.

5. Volunteer in a third world country

I piddle around with some pro bono and volunteer work for local charities. I’d love to up the pace and experience a volunteer immersion project in a developing country, where you really connect with the people you’re helping. To genuinely understand disadvantage you need to experience how others live their lives, how they manage their hardships — warts and all! Volunteers seem to come back “changed” after these sort of experiences. I’d love to sharpen up my social conscience and strengthen my motivation to help others who live in remarkably challenging circumstances.

6. Fashion a rag rug

I’ve been inspired by a crafter Ric Rac on Facebook and her efforts to make a rag rug. I’m a one-time crafter who let go of it all when I was thirty-something. Now I’m getting the urge again to make something traditional and sustainable … more proof that I am morphing into my mum. That ‘s not such a bad thing, so i’ll run with it.

7. Master the parallel park

Somewhere along the way (during thirty-something years of driving) I’ve “unlearned” the parallel park. Time to re-learn it and save some face. Mr P will be my instructor. Read all about it over here.

20 thoughts on “bucket list

  1. Sorry – I don’t have a bucket list. Can’t think of anything worse than turning round at 80 and say ‘I wish I’d done …’ Which is why I went round the world, on my own, in my mid 50s. And am returning to Nepal next week. And have written a book. And play with my grandchildren in between all that. I am, indeed, a fortunate woman.

    1. Hi Jo. Thanks for popping by. You seem to be managing quite well without a bucket list! I’ve enjoyed reading about your travels. Love your energy! I’m going to give this bucket list thing a go and see if it helps translate my ideas into action. Who knows … maybe I’ll be hot on your trail around the world before too long. 🙂

  2. I keep meaning to create a bucket list but I only have a ‘to do’ list. I know what to put on my to do list!

    You must add Venice and Istanbul to your list, wonderful cities.

    Best wishes


    1. Hi Brian. Thanks for your comment, for dropping by downunder and for the follow. I’m already making some inroads (fairy steps!) on my Bucket List, after just a few weeks of creating it, so it seems the right fit for me. We’ll see! I’m going to take your advice and research Istanbul and Venice, and then maybe add them, too. Your home country (Scotland) is a fave and I can’t wait to get back there again. Maybe I’ll combine that with the ticking off of Paris. Your website has got me thinking about Home Exchange – I’ll be having more of a look at that, too. Have a great day. Sheryl

  3. Hi Sheryl

    Thanks for the follow. I don’t do a great deal of posting, indeed I have only just returned to WordPress after a long absense. Venice is my favourite city but we are kind of spoiled living where we are with the likes of Rome, Madrid, Barcelona etc on our ‘doorstep’ and not forgetting London and Edinburgh.

    When were you last in the UK?


    1. You are blessed to be so close to the action! We are a long way from much at all. We were last in the UK in 2007, but only had three weeks so spread ourselves very thin. My hubby has family in West Sussex, Lanark and on Islay.


  4. Love the premise of your blog. I’m almost 60 and the clock is ticking on my ability to boogie. Go hit that bucket list and rock on! In the last five years I’ve done Paris (cried the whole time from joy) and went into the hills of the Dominican Republic to get my moral and spiritual compasses set right.

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