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Mother’s Day + a fresh flowers giveaway to WIN

Disclosure: This Mother’s Day musing and giveaway is brought to you by

G I V E A W A Y   N O W   C L O S E D . . . W I N N E R   A N N O U N C E D  S O O N


For flowers this Mother’s Day visit Fresh Flowers.

“There’s a story behind everything. How a picture got on a wall. How a scar got on your face. Sometimes the stories are simple, and sometimes they are hard and heartbreaking. But behind all your stories is always your mother’s story, because hers is where yours begin.” ~ Mitch Albom

Like many fifty-somethings, I no longer have my mum around for me to phone when something fabulous happens (or not so fabulous), to ask for sage advice on life’s biggies or to share my everyday moments with.

And, she’s no longer here for me to spoil with fresh flowers.

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May 10th will mark my eleventh Mother’s Day without Mum and I’ll be thinking of her, as I do every day, meandering through memories and wishing I could send her a bloom-a-licious bouquet of fresh flowers.

I love to remember Mum like this …


… as a stunning young woman with her life in front of her.

I wear a signet ring, given to her by a boyfriend before she met Dad. It’s not a betrayal of Dad; it’s acknowledgement that Mum was more than someone’s mother, or wife or daughter … she was her own person.

I also love to remember the mum who was always there for me, the mum who was inexplicably ironing in the kitchen each day when I returned home from school. I picture her wearing a tweed skirt, hand-knitted cardigan, slippers and white anklet socks.

That curious “ironing smell” takes me straight back to our little kitchen. Mum would down iron to organise a cordial and three (always three) biscuits for me to snack on while we chatted about my day at school.

In my mind’s eye, there’s just me and Mum chatting. In reality, there would always have been one or two (or more) sisters milling around in the kitchen with us. It’s a measure of how Mum made me feel that I recall our conversations as intimate, one-on-one chats.

Mostly, I love to remember Mum at my niece E’s wedding. She looked a million dollars in her sparkly, beaded, teal blue outfit and she shone bright, even though she was well into her cancer treatment by then.

Her outfit reminded me of the glorious ball gowns she wore in the fifties, when she’d dance the night away at a country ball, often in the arms of Dad.

As children, we dressed up in Mum’s ball gowns, delighting in the shiny fabrics and colourful beading embellishing them, and the incredible costume jewellery that matched each dress.

For us, it was a window into another world, a world Mum loved to reminisce about.

I hope she, too, was reminiscing about those glory days when she slipped into her sparkly beaded outfit for E’s wedding.

Within a year, she was carefully slipped back into that same outfit for her final journey.



I’d love for you to spoil your special mum (or someone else in your life, maybe even yourself!) with a beautiful bouquet of blooms for Mother’s Day.

Thanks to the kind folk at FRESH FLOWERS you can WIN a bouquet worth $70.

Because Mother’s Day is all about love (and not likes), I’m not asking you to jump through any follow, like, share hoops. Neither is FRESH FLOWERS.

All you need do to be in the running is visit FRESH FLOWERS, check out their Mother’s Day range (eye candy galore) and let me know in the comments below which arrangement you’d choose for your mum.

Oh, and tell me why. Because “why” is where the stories live.

And, if you want to share the comp, go ahead. Maybe you’ll get lucky, and someone will send you a glorious FRESH FLOWERS bouquet!

Me? Mmmm … it’s so hard to decide, but if Mum were here, I’d send her this …

fresh flowers online, fresh flowers giveaway, mother's day bouquet, flowers online, boomers, midlife

Tulips – Serendipity in Glass Vase (which includes the vase and bloom box). Because, well, tulips (and Mum would have loved that she didn’t have to go rabbiting in the cupboard for a vase).

Good luck!

 Competition rules of engagement:

  1. The prize is a bouquet of blooms valued at up to $70, from the Mother’s Day Range at which the winner can send to their desired address (see 2)
  2. Check that FRESH FLOWERS delivers to the postcode where you’ll send the bouquet if you win: visit and click on the Do we deliver to your area? Link at the top of the page
  3. You must be an Australian resident
  4. To enter, comment below and tell me which bouquet you’d love to send and why
  5. The competition will run until 5pm (EST) Thursday, 30 April 2015.
  6. Winner will be chosen, notified and announced on Friday 1 May 2015.
  7. Winner must respond within 36 hours, or I reserve the right to choose a new winner.
  8. The prize is not transferable for cash
  9. Once notified, the winner must provide the following details: Name, Mobile Number, Address Type, Address, Suburb/Postcode, Delivery Date and Card Message

46 thoughts on “Mother’s Day + a fresh flowers giveaway to WIN

  1. I’d actually love to enter to win a bunch for my sister.
    Because she is a single mum of two beautiful girls (aged 4 and 2), and works full-time to provide for them. She never treats herself to anything, and I know that on Mother’s Day, her girls are too young to give her any gifts, so I would love to show her how wonderful she is.
    I would choose the Lilies in Vogue Pink with the bonus vase.(she loves lilies). I don’t often tell my sister that I love her, but hopefully i I win her these, it’ll show her that she is always on my mind and in my heart. Thanks for the chance to win

  2. I’d choose the delighful Pink Lillies in a glass vase. I don’t even know if these flowers were a favourite, but browsing through the options I suddenly remember framed pictures of this flower on our walls, and a bed throw featuring them as well. I feel confident that the flowers would invoke the same childhood memories for my mother as well, and the vase is a quiet nod to the many I smashed over the years in my enthusiasm!

  3. Tulips – Serendipity In Glass Vase. Because my Mum loves her tulips and she loves her gifts to last forever and that’s what the vase can do!

  4. Gerberas Colour burst in a glass vase. Whenever I bring flowers over to mum, she can never seem to find her vase or the ones she finds are just not the right size. This gift is ideal as it is ready for display and showcases her favourite blooms. Love ya, Mama!

  5. I’d love to send the BFF bouquet to my BFF who’s undergoing a double mastectomy this Monday! She’s halfway through her treatment plan and I want to let her know how proud of I am of her strength throughout this journey.

  6. Lilies – In Vogue Pink In Glass Vase … It ticks all the boxes. Pink, fragrant and a reusable container.
    Mum loves all things feminine and hates needless waste!

  7. Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid. Mum loves them, she’s always pointing them out to me when we go to the local nursery together.

  8. Roses – Sweet Delight. But not sent to my Mum but to my wife, the love of my life and mother of my children who is my angel and very sweet delight

  9. Wow, what a stunning selection of flowers, and such a nice easy website to navigate and order from. If I were lucky enough to win I would send my Mum the White Phalaenopsis Orchid, as her dear Mum (my Nanna) had such a great love of orchids and this is Mum’s first year without her Mum here. I’m sure she would love a beautiful reminder of her Mum on Mothers Day.

  10. I love the Aurora Tulips. They remind me of a Canadian spring – my mother was a March birthday. I lost her over 40 years ago – but tulips always bring the memories back.

  11. Tulips – Serendipity In Glass Vase, Mum’s beautiful and always full of pleasant unexpected surprises & fun. One time mum heard a banging noise coming from the car in garage so she called RACV. The mechanic didn’t see anything wrong with it but mum kept insisting there was a regular banging sound. When the wind blew and the garage door slammed multiple times, mum and mechanic realized that was the mysterious noise. She’s a bit silly but I love her for it

  12. My dad used to grow roses when I was younger in all the beautiful colours and when in bloom, would give them to my mum who displayed them proudly on the dining table. Now that my parents are older and have moved to a small house with no garden, I’d love to bring back those happy memories and give the Country Rose bouquet to my mum.

  13. I loved your story. It’s my first Mother’s Day without my mum, and your mum sounded a lot like mine. Always there for all of us, and we all had special time with her that we all remembered. She would have loved the Tulips – Serendipity In Glass Vase, her favourite flower in her favourite colour. If I was lucky enough to win, I’d love to give this to Dad in memory of Mum.

  14. I would have to go with the – Disbuds – Pure Blessings – Chrysanthemums are a traditional mothers day flower and I know they would be would be especially significant to mum, as my Grandfather, who mum was very close to, used to grow them, and would often pick a bunch for us around this time of year.

  15. My mum would love the Lilies – In Vogue Pink In Glass Vase! This is her favourite flower and thus almost named me Lily (but dad did not like it). Pink lilies are rare back home and really hope this will be an awesome surprise for her!

  16. Roses – sweet sentiment would be my choice for my friend, Jenny, on Mothers Day.

    Neither of us have our mothers with us any more, but we love sharing stories with each other of our mothers and their quirky, colourful ways. Although they didn’t ever meet (to our knowledge), they both loved to laugh, cook, dress up and wear lipstick as their personal talisman.

    When my Mum died, it was Jenny who helped me shop for a pretty dress to wear at the celebration of Mum’s life, it was Jenny with whom I shared a glass of champagne as a toast to our beautiful mothers and it was Jenny who knocked at my door with a beautiful bouquet of pink roses in memory of my Mum.

  17. I’d love to send my mum ‘Tulips – Vivid in Glass Vase’ – just like this beautiful bouquet my mum colours every moment of life with her big smile, infectious laugh and compassionate heart, putting the little moments in focus and making life truly vivid…
    …and tulips are mum’s favourite!!!

    Also, thanks for sharing about your mum – what a stunning photograph, and such beautiful sentiments.

  18. Like you sadly my Mum’s not here to treat with flowers but I know she’d love the Country Rose bouquet as she was a beautiful English Rose who adored her garden.

  19. And the winner is … Eva from Bundaberg, Queensland. Congratulations! I have already been in touch with Eva and she has provided her details. Thank you to everyone for entering the giveaway and to Fresh Flowers for providing a fantastic prize. xxx

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