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Dirty Dancing, the classic story on stage

Me: (excitedly): I won tickets to see Dirty Dancing! Woohoot! He: To see what? Me: The stage show of that movie, Dirty Dancing. He: What movie? Me: Dirty Dancing. You know … with Patrick Swayze. He: Patrick who? Me: You know … nobody puts Baby in the corner. He: Whose baby? Me: We can make… Continue reading Dirty Dancing, the classic story on stage

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Adventures into subdivision #1

Being fifty-something often means change. Physical changes, outlook changes, family changes, housing changes. For us, Boy Wonder’s recent shift to the big smoke signals that we are (like it or not) empty-nesters. Just me, Mr P and Jack Sparrow (Pirate Cat) remain aboard the Mothership. This house is a far heavier footprint than we need… Continue reading Adventures into subdivision #1


Cleverpatch and our (pagan) Good Friday barbecue

*Disclosure: CleverPatch provided me with craft products free of charge. Opinions are my own. Creativity rests with the artists (big and small). Just before Christmas the kind folk at CleverPatch shipped a big box of crafty fabulousness for me to share with the little humans in my life. While we have no grandies of our own,… Continue reading Cleverpatch and our (pagan) Good Friday barbecue


All That I Am by Anna Funder (a book review)

Don’t be fooled by the cover of Anna Funder’s All That I am. This achingly beautiful novel is anything but “chick lit”. At 370 pages, it’s a solid read that ribbons through an in-between-the-big-wars time, when lines were blurred between friend and foe. Funder cleverly chooses two alternating narrative points of view from within the ranks of… Continue reading All That I Am by Anna Funder (a book review)