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Colour for a Cause + a little giveaway

Being fifty-something, it’s hard to ignore the fact that, after genetics, one of the main risk factors for ovarian cancer is being over 50 years of age.

Or that each year 1400 Australian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and more than 1000 will die from the disease … that’s one woman every 8 hours.

If diagnosed early, the majority of women can survive. Unfortunately, most women are diagnosed with advanced stages of the disease.

In the absence of an early detection test, the best way of detecting the disease is to know and recognise the symptoms which most commonly include:

  • abdominal or pelvic pain
  • increased abdominal size or persistent abdominal bloating
  • the need to urinate often or urgently
  • feeling full after eating a small amount.

Ovarian Cancer Australia has just launched a National Action Plan for ovarian cancer research. Latest research shows that ovarian cancer is not just one disease but a collection of diseases. We need to rethink how ovarian cancer is researched and funded.

With February declared Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, there’s no better time to familiarise yourself with the symptoms and consider how you can help Ovarian Cancer Australia with their work.

Here’s an idea …

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Right through February, Chemmart Pharmacies across Australia will be stocking “Colour of a Cause” teal nail polish packs (teal is not just a so-on-trend fashion shade, it’s the international colour for ovarian cancer).

The packs retail at $6.99 and includes one white and one teal polish. A genuine bargain by any measure.

All proceeds will be donated to Ovarian Cancer Australia.

You can purchase in store or online at

They’re a fun little pack, great value and a can-do way to be involved in this uber-worthy cause.


A little giveaway:

Ovarian Cancer Australia sent me a sample pack. With a daughter who’s a nail tech, I don’t have call for nail polish, even between salon visits (lucky me).

So, I have one of these little Colour for a Cause polish packs to give away.  If you have an Australian postal address and can see yourself in this lovely shade of teal, just comment below (any comment from  a simple “yes” to a smiley face to an inspirational anecdote will get you in the running).

I’ll close off comments Monday at 5pm, randomly choose a winner (via the traditional hand-in-hat method) and then post your Colour for a Cause pack straight out to you.

And if you don’t happen to win, you’ll still have time to grab yourself a pack from Chemmart.

Good luck!


** Ovarian Cancer Australia provided product for giveaway.



3 thoughts on “Colour for a Cause + a little giveaway

  1. Congratulations, Rhonda! You have won this little giveaway. Thanks for participating. I have tried to contact you via email and FB but no luck so far. Can you please email your preferred postal address to me and I will have your Colour for a Cause nail polish pack out to you in a flash. S. 🙂

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