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Murine Eye Mist (preservative free) – a review

I often receive products for review. Let’s call it a perk of blogger-dom. Still, I only write about the ones that I love and believe are worth sharing. In other words, not every product makes the “being fifty-something” cut.

This one did.

When the folk at Murine sent me a sample of their preservative-free eye mist, I hoped it would be a winner.

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I regularly use eye drops to relieve my tired eyes. Long hours working at a computer screen mean I often have what I call “googly eyes” … tired, dry, heavy eyes that beg for a break (not always possible when I’m on deadline).

I’m not alone. Murine tells me that more than two million Australians suffer from dry eyes, including 75 per cent of people over sixty-five.

Common symptoms include:

  • a scratchy or gritty sensation in the eyes
  • excessive tearing
  • blurred vision
  • easily irritated by dry indoor environments
  • pain and redness of the eye
  • heavy eyelids
  • uncomfortable contact lenses.

Causes (along with extended computer work) include air-conditioned or windy environments, wearing contact lenses, long distance travel, medication and … ageing. Bugger. It’s no wonder popping eye drops is common.

And it’s no wonder I was happy to give this eye mist a whirl.

What’s different about Murine Eye Mist, is that it’s a spray. You don’t spray it directly onto your eyeballs, you spray it over your closed eyelids. Somehow, it’s absorbed down through your eyelashes to where it’s needed. Like magic.

I find it immediately refreshing and cooling. And the mist does give lasting relief to my “googly eye” feeling.

Remarkably, you can spray the mist over your eye makeup, and it doesn’t run. Truly. I wouldn’t have believed that unless I’d tried it for myself. Being make-up friendly means I can use it two or three times through the day if I’m putting in a long stint at the computer. Or even when I’m out and about between client meetings.

There’s no need for those awkward contortionist eye-dropping moves, no need to sneak up on yourself so you don’t blink at the wrong time and no overflow product running down your face. I find the eye mist application easy and fast, wherever I am. Hell, you don’t even need a mirror or a tissue for wiping up the overflow.

If you suffer from dry eye (for any reason) think about giving this a shot.


Murine Eye Mist

preservative  free | suitable for use with contact lenses | liposomes 300mg/mL

RRP AUD$16.95




***This post is NOT sponsored. Murine did provide product for review. All opinions are my own.








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