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Turning fifty in 2015? Read on …

Being fifty-something, I know that turning fifty is not a milestone most of us take lightly. If you’re due to clock up that landmark birthday in 2015, you might be interested in the online Review and Renew at 50 Program created by life coach, Patti Phillips.

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The Review and Renew at 50 program is the compilation of what Patti has learned about living authentically. She has sifted through, filtered and organised hundreds of books, articles, websites, and exercises into a one-year program that focuses on twelve essential Roots of Renewal.

“Review and Renew at 50, at its core, is about learning to make intentional choices to focus on personal awareness and move forward into the next stage of life with renewed energy. At 50, we are entering into unfamiliar territory as our bodies and brains feel like they are slowing down and we begin to fear we are experiencing more loss than gain. The program is intended to help you focus on all there is to celebrate in life, embrace your unique gifts, and branch out into new possibilities that you can create in your own life.”

Last year, Patti asked me to share my personal story and my experience of “being fifty” and I’m delighted to be included in the program as one of “12 Faces of 50” stories – a monthly featured story from a mentor woman who is “on the other side of 50″.

Patti delivers the year-long program through weekly emails which include lessons, questions and actives designed to deepen learning and self awareness. There are life reflection assignments, a membership discussion area and a private Facebook group.

The 2015 program kicks off this week so pop over and take a look. Maybe it’s for you. Maybe it’s not. What I do know through my dealings with Patti is that she is positive, thoughtful and deeply passionate about women’s health and wellbeing. And she is currently offering “pay-what-you-please” pricing on Review and Renew at 50, because she understands how reluctant many women are to invest in themselves. “Pay-as-you-please” doesn’t mean “free” – just that you get space to size up the value you gain from the program.

I only wish this program had been available the year I turned fifty.


*** This is NOT a sponsored post, and I receive no payment for my (small) part in Patti’s program.


8 thoughts on “Turning fifty in 2015? Read on …

  1. Thanks for the endorsement, Sheryl, and especially for sharing your faces of 50 story for the Review and Renew. For those who may have already turned 50, but “forgot” to celebrate, the program is open to them, too!

    1. Your program is easy to endorse, Patti. 🙂 And, thanks for pointing out that it’s not exclusively for those turning 50 this year. Enjoy working with the 2015 cohort … bet you can’t wait to get started.

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