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Cash before Christmas – a giveaway!

** G I V E A W A Y  N O W   C L O S E D **

The winners (one each) of the preloaded $50 VISA gift cards offered in this giveaway are:

Joe (from Croydon Park, NSW)


Helen W (Helen, I’ve emailed you and waiting for you to reply with your postal address. Please email me at asap )

I’ll arrange to have your prizes posted to you as soon as possible, hopefully in time for you to indulge a little before Christmas.

Thanks to everyone who entered and especially for sponsors Cash Rewards.

Even if you didn’t win, check out the website for some superb savings.






Being fifty-something, I know it isn’t ALL about me. Not always.

Just because I’m sniffing the finish line on my year of buying nothing new, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some cashed-up shopping fun.

And to prove it, the lovely folk at Cash Rewards have swooped in with 2 x $50 preloaded Visa gift cards for me to give away to my readers.

giveaway, midlife, cash before christmas, midlife, boomer, fifty-something

Read on and find out how you can be in the running for a $50 pre-Christmas bonus.

I’m not much of a shopper (as you know). When I do shop, I love to get a great deal. Paying full retail price for anything has me cringing in the corner. But the spectacle of the Black Friday sales in the US and UK made me cringe even more. I think a little part of me died. Maybe even a puppy or two.

So, this makes me happy: Here in Australia, our savvy shoppers are achieving huge savings this Christmas at their favourite retailers with a few clicks of a mouse. They’ve cottoned on to Cash Rewards.

What is Cash Rewards?

Cash Rewards partners with Australia’s leading and most popular retailers to offer shoppers discounts and exclusive cashback of up to 20% on their everyday purchases – ultimately giving shoppers better deals through the retailers they already know and love.

cash rewards, cash before Christmas, giveaway, cash giveaway, midlife, boomers, fifty-soemthing


In its first year, Cash Rewards is already Australia’s number one cashback and savings website in Australia, having attracted $12 million in purchases in 2014 alone. It is 100 per cent Australian owned and operated.

Andrew Clarke, founder of Cash Rewards, says, “Unlike points schemes, which require the shopper to spend huge sums of money over a long period of time to receive free goods of a decent value, we offer cash back for every purchase, and it can often be as much as 20% off the advertised price.”

Cash Rewards is free for shoppers to sign up to and offers Australia’s highest cashback rates. You simply click through to the retailer website of your choice to make your purchases as you normally would. Cash Rewards credits the cash back directly into your nominated bank account. Special offers and discounts take effect at the time of purchase.

The variety of retailers available (Australia-wide and international) is guaranteed to please even you fussy shoppers. Retailers include eBay,, peteralexander, Saks Fifth Avenue, DKNY, StrawberryNET, Forever New,, SONY and The Iconic plus many, many more.

Here are Andrew’s TOP FIVE picks for Aussies hunting for a bargain this side of Christmas: 

1)                 The Iconic. There’s no need to feel guilty about that $200 splurge on shoes for the Christmas party when you’re receiving $30 back into your account, with up to 16% cash back on all purchases in December.

2)                 Expedia. Enjoy up to 8% in cash back on bookings. A $200 saving on a New Year family getaway could cover a celebratory meal for four during your stay.

3)                 Dan Murphy’s. This one will be popular during the festive season. Order online, pick it up and pocket the savings for all your festive beer, wines and spirits. Australians can receive up to 7.5% cashback on all purchases.

4)                 Woolworths. Enjoy 5% off your Christmas grocery shop – likely our biggest expense after gifts during the festive season. All Woolworths gift cards come with a 5% discount.

5)                 Apple Store – Apple products are a mainstay on Christmas gifts list, and now you can earn up to 3.5% cash back on all purchases.

How, as a Being Fifty Something reader, you can be in the running for one of two $50 preloaded Visa gift cards.

You must be living in Australia.

I’m not going to make you jump through any hoops. Simply comment below and tell me at which Cash Rewards retailer you’d love to spend your $50. (Don’t worry, I won’t hold you to it.)

Simple as that.

I’ll close off the comp at 5pm (AEDT) Tuesday 16 December and, shortly after, use a highly technolomological method (involving a hat) of random selection to determine the winners.

I will advise the winners directly and then Cash Rewards will mail out your gift cards direct to you.

Good luck!


70 thoughts on “Cash before Christmas – a giveaway!

    1. Did it too quickly, we have had a power blackout where I live (all day) and I was in such a hurry in case it went off again, I wrote 2 ‘fantastics’, oh well, Woollies deserves it!

  1. Booktopia-LOVE to read. I always remember the time I went to stay with someone who didn’t have anything to read in their house-not even a newspaper. (forgot to bring my own supply of books)

  2. Just spyed a jacket at The Iconic,
    would use the card to jump on it!!
    Great bargains this time of year,
    A little pampering from Santa, is clear 🙂

    Merry christmas , great giveaway thank you!

  3. Dan Murphy’s. My Dad and I appreciate a decent drop of red wine especially with Christmas coming up. Merry Christmas.

  4. I’d like to say Woolworth’s but in reality, especially this time of year, it would really be Dan Murphy’s

  5. To be sure it would have to be a wee visit to see me old mate Daniel at Dan Murphy’s, he is sure to get me in the spirit, or beer or…….

  6. Woolworths, because after Christmas they usually reduce their Christmas cakes etc to half price and I will be able to eat Christmas cake in January, February and March,

  7. The winners (one each) of the preloaded $50 VISA gift cards offered in this giveaway are:

    Joe (from Croydon Park, NSW)


    Helen W (Helen, I’ve emailed you and waiting for you to reply with your postal address. Please email me at asap )

    I’ll arrange to have your prizes posted to you as soon as possible, hopefully in time for you to indulge a little before Christmas.

    Thanks to everyone who entered and especially for sponsors Cash Rewards.

    Even if you didn’t win, check out the website for some superb savings.

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