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Eco Tan Winter Skin – a product review

Being fifty-something, I’ve learnt (the hard way) what my skin is and isn’t capable of.

Natural tanning is not an option.

I’ve been blessed with fair skin. Not the creamy porcelain variety. More glow-in-the-dark, stark white with purple tinges (depending on the temperature).

I don’t tan naturally … I burn and then peel. Right back to stark white.

This time of year, when the warmer weather is nudging its way into the southern hemisphere, I start to think (a lot) about fake tans. I prefer to use a gradual build-up tanner to eliminate too many surprises. I’m not looking for a deep tan. Hell, I’m satisfied with an off-white, beige tinge. Often, I’m only concerned about my feet and lower legs (the bits I’m getting out on show as the weather warms up). Usually, I’m using whatever I’ve found on special in the supermarket. And not always successfully. Yes, there have been disasters. We shall not speak of them.

A few weeks ago, My Girl handed me a bottle of Eco Tan Winter Skin (Moisturiser – Fairest to Olive Skin) saying “I think this will tick all the boxes for you”.

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My Girl is living a mostly vegan lifestyle and loves Eco Tan products so much she is stocking them at her Geelong nail salon, where the first order of Winter Skin has already sold out (it’s on back order).

My Girl was right. I have so many good things to say about this product, I’m going to share them with you. I’m going to tell not show … there will be no photos of my body parts included here. You’re welcome.

Eco Tan is a socially-conscious Australian company (based in Brisbane QLD) and their products are created and made in Australia. I’m all for supporting small business (don’t get me started on the multinationals). Tick.

Eco Tan products use only certified organic and natural ingredients. There are no nasties. There are no synthetic ingredients or GMOs. This product is certified organic and cruelty-free. Tick. Tick.

But how does it perform?

Surprisingly well.

I say “surprisingly” because my expectations, based on past experience, weren’t high.

I was thrilled to find an absence of that “fake tan” smell … instead, this product has a faint, floral scent. Tick.

It goes on smooth and absorbs fast. I experienced no staining of clothes (or bed linen or hands). Tick.

A few hours after a single application, I developed a light, bronze colour. Not oompa loompa orange. And, more generous in depth than initial applications of other gradual tans I’ve used. Eco Tan derives its colour attributes from cacao (chocolate*) so there are no orange or green hues. Tick. Tick

(*side thought: I’ve read that if you eat excessive amounts of carrots, your skin will take on an orange hue. Do you think eating excessive amounts of chocolate could … oh, never mind, I’ll conduct a trial. )

I’ve not noticed any streaking or flaking. The product seems to go on smooth, just like a moisturiser, and stay on. It doesn’t “towel off” after a shower. Tick.

I’ve been using it only every third day. That’s all I’ve needed to maintain an off-white, slightly sun-kissed look. The other days, I’ve used a plain, unscented moisturiser. So the upkeep is minimal. Tick.

It’s hard to come up with a negative on this one. The packaging is a winner – a pump pack in a lovely dark amber apothecary style (though plastic) bottle that’s swanky enough to show off. Tick.

The label suggests an allergy patch test. I didn’t bother (who does?) and have had no problems, despite having fairly sensitive skin that reacts quickly to heavily perfumed or chemical-laden products (including some other gradual tans). Tick

Note that Eco Tan Winter Skin provides no sun protection … it has no SPF properties so you need to consider using another product or barrier (or both) for UV protection (especially important for us who live in the world skin cancer capital). Remember that a fake tan, no matter how realistic it looks, is not a shield from the sun. Slip. Slop. Slap!

At $30 for 300mls, Eco Tan is at the pricey end of the spectrum, two or three times what I I’ve paid for gradual tan products in the past.

For my money, it ticks enough boxes to make that good value, especially given I’m using it only every three days and it seems to be superior.

Thanks to the influence of My Girl, I’m transitioning my make-up and toiletries towards organic and animal cruelty-free versions. They are generally more expensive, so I’m making decisions carefully and mindfully.

The Eco Tan story is worth reading.

You can order this (and other Eco Tan products) online here.

If you happen to be in Geelong, you can save on postage and source Eco Tan Winter Skin (once re-stocked) at My Girl’s nail salon:

Polished Up, 5 James St (inside Rococo), Geelong Ph: 0497 347 947

Note: This is not a sponsored post. It does, however, contain an unashamed plug for My Girl’s nail salon. What mother wouldn’t do the same?








4 thoughts on “Eco Tan Winter Skin – a product review

  1. Sounds good, I’ll have to give it a try. I was thinking I should do something about my glaring white legs as I’ll be baring them on the beach at Burleigh Heads in a few weeks 🙂
    I’ll be in Geelong in 10 days time so hopefully they’ll have some in stock.

    1. That’s a coincidence … see my comment above: Eco Tan headquarters is in Burleigh Heads, Gabes. 🙂 And, I’m sure you’ll be able to pick yourself up some of this when you’re in Geelong. 😉

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