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The Wholehearted Success Summit 15-21 September

After yesterday’s ranty post about my “turning fifty-five” terrors, I have pulled myself together. Somewhat. I’m feeling much more like me again, rather than some age-obsessed weirdo stuck in a loop playing “too old, too old”. Crisis over.

To keep the more positive vibe going, I want to share with you this upcoming (FREE and ONLINE) event  my friend Angela Raspass has created.

Last year I worked with Angela, an amazing business coach who helped me find clarity, get past overwhelm and identify how I could better serve my clients and myself through my copywriting business. I know that this event, conceived and put together by Angela herself, is not to be missed, so I’m delighted to partner with Angela in spreading the word far and wide. I’ll be tuning in for every wholehearted word. Check it out …

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The Wholehearted Success Summit

From September 15 to 21 something unprecedented is happening.

Fourteen amazing wholehearted entrepreneurs and business owners have agreed to share their journeys to success and the mindset and marketing strategies that massively increased their impact doing what they love.

It’s called “The Wholehearted Success Summit”mastering your mindset and marketing for impact and abundance

You can register for FREE here.

You can attend this 100% free virtual event via the phone, skype or the web wherever you are in the world!

The goal for this one-of-a-kind event is to reach, inspire and empower as many women as possible, to let them know that it IS possible to move through self-doubt, it IS possible to master authentic marketing and it IS possible to cultivate a supportive mindset and build a wholehearted business that rewards you for doing what you love.

Success isn’t just for other people. They don’t have some magic skills or secret sauce you missed out on. It’s just a combination of purpose, mindset, marketing and consistent aligned action.

This incredible lineup of speakers from the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia includes women who are Hay House Authors, national columnists, International Speakers, Coaches, consultants and more and they connect with their own communities varying from 2,000 to 125,000. Speakers include: Christy Whitman, Suzanne Evans, Christine Kloser, Kylie Patchett, Cerries Mooney, Louise Thompson, Terry Hawkins, Tera Maxwell, Tara Mohr, Susan Pearse, Barb Wade, Lisa Fabrega, Domonique Bertolucci and Karen Gunton.

And not only do you get to hear from them, each speaker has given a free resource gift for you too.

There is truly someone and something for everyone in this event.

You’ll be able to listen to all of the interview via the phone, skype or the web when the event kicks off on September 15th.

You can register here.

You can enjoy freedom, flexibility, fulfilment and financial abundance in your own wholehearted business – and you can start taking the action to make it happen right away.

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