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Bali sunsets. Sigh.

Being fifty-something, I keep an eye peeled ready for signs and hints. You know, clues about the meaning of life, what it’s all about, why are we here?

I’m convinced that if I’m ever going to receive a message from the universe it will happen at sunset. Or perhaps sunrise. One of those the-world-really-is-turning moments.

Trees, roof tops and powerlines rob us of any decent sunset views from our urban home, so it’s no wonder we soak up far-off horizon vistas when we can.

On our recent Bali sojourn, we did just that, treating ourselves to not one, but TWO sunset dinners.

The first was at Jimbaran Bay where we joined others seated at tables in the sand, while being served amazing food as we waited for the sun to descend to the horizon. Candles flickered, waves lapped, glasses clinked and cameras clicked.

It was a beautiful, gentle sunset, softened by last minute cloud cover. But it was stunning and panoramic with the expanse of the bay stretching out either side and onshore lights starting to twinkle as dark fell.

sunset, jimbaran bay, bali, paradise, holidays, fifty-something


Our second sunset dinner was three nights later, viewed from a towering clifftop restaurant not far from the sea temple at Tanah Lot. Again, such a picturesque expanse of sky, this time obscured only by the cocktails on our table. Gasps and oohs and ahs sliced through the quietude as the orange sol dipped her toes into the horizon’s water and slipped beyond, leaving us with a stunning persimmon flushed sky. Just beautiful.

tanah lot sunset, bali, holidays, paradise, fifty-something, midlife, boomers

tanah lot sunset, bali, paradise, fifty-something, boomer, midlifeise, holidays,


No message from the universe but I’m happy to keep hoping and looking … and chasing sunsets.

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