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When life hands you limes …

Being fifty-something, it takes something tasty and intriguing to motivate me into the kitchen.

Like when someone (thanks, Maree) hands me a bag of lovely fresh limes. That’s like daring me into action, challenging me to create something worthy of those fruity feisty-tasting jewels.

lime curd, limes, fifty-something, midlife, boomers

I mean, have you seen the price of limes at the supermarket? Outrageous.

There’s no way I was letting these limes go the way of many bananas before them (pre the big banana crisis, that is).

We’re trying to live a “no waste Charlie” lifestyle, minimising the volume of food that finds its way into our kitchen bin, so the “limes challenge” is part of a bigger plan. Failure was not an option.

My first instinct was to whip up some lime marmalade. I checked online for recipes and was dismayed to discover how much sugar goes into marmalade. I wasn’t convinced the lime flavour could shine through all that sweetness even though the marmalade wouldn’t “set” without the right amount of sugar. Next idea.

It didn’t take long for Chef Google to point me in the direction of lime curd. I’ve made lemon curd before, but never lime curd. More horror. Lime curd recipes also call for an unhealthy amount of sugar. Well, most of them do. Except for this one I found over at the Honest Cooking Food Magazine.

Check it out: a simple, no-fuss recipe. I used the lesser amount of sugar recommended (a third of a cup) and the result is lip-smacking, well-set lime curd that retains all the tanginess you expect from fresh home-grown limes.

lime curd, limes, fresh fruit, cooking, midlife, boomers, fifty-something

My lime curd is heavenly spread (thinly, of course) on crunchy sourdough bread.

I’ve dolloped it into home-baked gluten-free lemon cupcakes for a tangy dessert.

I’ve given a couple of tiny jars away to impress friends and family with my culinary prowess (it doesn’t happen very often).

But mostly, I’ve savoured it by the spoonful, straight from the jar.

Just because I can.

9 thoughts on “When life hands you limes …

  1. I think you need to speak to Mr C’s dad – currently going crazy making all kinds of homemade jams, marmalades, chutneys and pickles! It could be a convention, and I am more than happy to help out on the taste testing front 😉

    1. Thanks! The recipe link is there near the end of the seventh para with anchor text “this one”. A little hard to see. I’ve been thinking about changing blog themes to something that better defines hyperlinks … your comment might be the catalyst. Thanks again. S. 🙂

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