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A blackboard wall for my office

Being fifty-something, I love a simple DIY project. This one breathed some new life into my hum-drum office for less than $20.

I’ve been thinking about this project for almost 12 months, since I found the inspiration over here at my good friend Alex’s Hello From Tassie blog. I loved how Alex painted a blackboard on her kitchen wall and I imagined something similar in all sorts of corners in my office.

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Yes, I’ve been coveting this for a long time.

I generally work with two whiteboards, keeping lists of projects and tasks, messages and meetings. But let’s face it: whiteboards are as boring as batshit. They lack any inspiration. They always look messy and they just blend into the general busy-ness of my office.

But a big beautiful blackboard looked like a creative blank canvas for me.

And so it began.

A single trip to the hardware store and we picked up a can of chalkboard paint for $18.

Mr P applied two coats over two evenings, filling in from the top of the skirting board to the picture rail above. This paint gives off some seriously strong fumes, so I suggest you don’t plan on hanging around too close if, like me, you find paint fumes a mind altering experience.

blackboard DIY, chalkboard DIY, chalkboard paint, office, home office, fifty-something, midlife, boomers

My Girl donated some chalk pens she no longer needed. I repurposed one of those many Fowler’s jars I have marking time in the shed and strung it up from the picture rail as a pen holder. Perfect.

chalk pens, fowlers jar, upcycling, upcycled, repurposed, DIY, fifty-something, midlife, boomers

Writing on this “board” feels expressive and fun. It’s colourful, it fills out this otherwise dead corner of the office and absolutely looks like it belongs.

blackboard DIY, how to paint a blackboard wall, chalkboard, midlife, fifty-plus, boomers

The photo doesn’t do the finished product justice (I should’ve waited for daylight to get a good snap).

But I love it. I can’t stop looking at it. Or doodling on it. Or thinking about meaningful quotes to script across it. It’s changed the way I feel about my “to do” lists.

What happened to the whiteboards, you ask? One is now hanging in Mr P’s workshop sorting out his “to do” list and the other I popped out on the front footpath one weekday morning, having scribbled across it “FREE to good home”. It lasted ten minutes. One of the advantages of living on a busy road.

I haven’t looked back. From here on in, I’m all about the blackboard.

4 thoughts on “A blackboard wall for my office

  1. It’s no wonder you’re having so much fun with your blackboard wall. It really does change the look and feel of your space. Love it!

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