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Dearest Coffee Machine

Being fifty-something, the reality of an empty nest has been on the horizon for some time.

Foresight was cold comfort when I returned from a recent holiday to discover that Boy Wonder (my last little chick) had kicked himself out of the family snuggery and into a new adventure with his girlfriend.

empty nest, midlfie, fifty-something

Don’t get me wrong … the possibility had been raised before the event. I guess I was in denial. That is, until I opened up the appliance cupboard and was confronted by a big gap where Boy Wonder’s coffee machine had once lived.

For some weird-and-wacky reason, that’s when it really hit home.

That’s when I knew Boy Wonder was really gone.

And ever since, it’s been about the coffee machine.

nespresso, coffee machine, empty nest, midlife, boomers

Dearest Coffee Machine,

I know you were never really mine.

You were only on loan until you made your way out into the world.

Just the same, I got attached to you (maybe even addicted).

I got accustomed to greeting you every morning and the little lift you gave my day.

As long as you were here, there was the chance of seeing you mid-afternoon, evening or even over dinner.

Sometimes we even shared breakfast. Or lunch.

Sometimes, you sat on the bench top and (together) we solved the world’s big problems.

Now, I miss the kick you gave my every day and I daydream about how to get you back.

Coffee machine, you have left a big empty space in my heart appliance cupboard that no one else can fill.

Not even George Clooney.

Wish you were here.


Mum Sheryl x

george clooney, nespresso, fifty-something,midlife, boomers, empty nest

11 thoughts on “Dearest Coffee Machine

  1. The “coffee machines” always come back. The first move is often just a trial run. Enjoy some peace and quiet in the mean time 😉

    That said, such a sweet ode to the coffee machine.


  2. I feel an opportunity for some awesome coffee machine shopping. I will be in your very same position next week, youngster flying the coop. xxx Rae

  3. Having recently had my “last little chick” take his “coffee pot” which in this case is his cats with him, I completely understand! While I know they were his pets, they were my morning companions, slept with me at night most often, and snuggled and listened to me ramble when none of the other males in the house did. What a great post! I needed a “love” button. 🙂

    1. Oh, Denise! I would be bereft (or moreso) if one of my little chicks had taken the cat with them. I’m sure you miss them all terribly (little chick and the cats). Hugs to you, too. And thanks for your lovely comment. S. 🙂 x

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