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New year … an enigma wrapped in a resolution?

Being fifty-something, I’ve grown cynical about new year resolutions.

My resolve usually gets boxed up around the time of the Christmas decorations (during the second week of January) and remains elusive for another year.

This year, I decided to bypass the pretence of intent, to cold-shoulder the ten-step success schemes and turn a deaf ear to the media-led calls to take January by the balls.

I planned to ignore all the questions about resolutions and 2013 plans … and hope that nobody noticed.

“Stay calm and carry on” would fit nicely. Lazily. Steady-as-she-goes-ily.

Then a parcel arrived, just a few days shy of New Year’s Eve, and jolted me back to resolutions-ville.

The one device it contained summed up a simple plan that I can think I can live with for more than just a couple of weeks … hopefully for a year and much longer.


Yes, my brand spanking new solar-powered bathroom scales are a sign.

They encapsulate two key initiatives that demand my attention:

  • to be healthier
  • to be kinder (to the planet, to myself, to others).

Why do I need new bathroom scales, you ask? My previous ones were confiscated by my personal trainer about two years ago (it was a condition of her training program). Since I stopped training with her about 18 months ago, I have been in weight limbo … guessing, via all the usual sure signs, that I was regaining the kilograms but never really confirming it (until I sighted indisputable photographic evidence). I haven’t been able to bring myself to face my ex-personal trainer and retrieve my old scales. I know … I should confront that reality, but let’s not go there.

My new reality is here and it has a blinking (solar-powered) sun-face to remind me, each morning, that we can all do our little bit to help care for the environment.

So, my forward goals are nothing like “they” say your goals should be – no quantitative targets, no timelines, no KPIs (no, I won’t be reporting progress here – that’s a journey of accountability that doesn’t need to be shared).

Just my simple re-align the mindset stuff:

I want to be more, while weighing less.

I want to tread lightly on the planet, and tread a little lighter in my own shoes.

I want to smile broader, but be less broad across the beam.

I want to be more hippy (“keep true to the dreams of thy youth”), while being less hippy (if you know what I mean).


What are your plans for the coming year? May you shine bright and brilliant throughout 2013 … I look forward to reflecting some of that light back to you.

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