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I’m dreaming of a simple Christmas

Being fifty-something, I’m old enough to decide what Christmas looks like in our house.

And so it came to pass that when I gingerly peaked inside the Christmas storage boxes a couple of weeks back, I saw nothing inspiring.

There were all the usual suspects collected over the years … shiny baubles, hanks of tinsel, tiny wooden nutcrackers, hang-from-the-ceiling foil stars, santas in almost every iteration you can imagine and trails of sparkly tree lights.

This year, I found it all a bit average … a touch tacky, bordering on gaudy.

So I closed the lid and resolved to have a different type of Christmas at our house. Just this year. Because I can.

I’ve been dreaming of a simpler Christmas with thrifty objects, hand-crafted decorations and a calmer, less consumerist approach. I’m thinking re-purposed, vintage, found objects (as opposed to Made in China, plastic, over-priced, mass-produced).

I’m not sure about the real meaning of Christmas, but I’m certain I won’t find it in those dusty old boxes in the storage room.

Most years we spend $30 on a real Christmas (maybe even $50 for a ceiling scraper). This year the family Christmas celebrations have rotated their way to other households and we won’t be hosting a gathering, as such. There will be less action than usual here over the yuletide. It seems over the top to buy and decorate a tree for what will basically just be Mr P and me. Instead, we will do without the mess and the fuss and see that the money finds its way to someone deserving.

As for gifts, we’re only buying for a handful, mostly via Kris Kringle arrangements. I’ve pledged to shop local, hand-crafted, re-purposed and/or vintage where I can.

Wonder Boy (the Economics major) will tell me I’m not doing my bit for the economy. I’ll tell him not to fret … I’ve done plenty over the years, and I’ll make an effort to rev-up productivity in the new year.

Instead of under the tree, we’ll stack our gifts on the fireplace hearth (it’s summer downunder) beneath this: our Christmas mantle decoration I made by over-printing vintage book pages, their ribbons secured to the mantle by my vintage brass lady bell collection.

Joy photo by Sheryl Allen

The closest thing to a tree in our house will be this trio of thrifted pots I dressed up with fallen pine cones and (more) vintage book pages. Post-Christmas I have plans for the pots in the herb garden.

Pine Cone Pots photo by Sheryl Allen

And today I fashioned this simple door wreath from rose prunings from our garden. Not bad for an incidental gardener.

Christmas Wreath photo by Sheryl Allen

Christmas Door Wreath photo by Sheryl Allen

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here.

Simple Christmas. Just the kind of Christmas I’m dreaming of.

Because I’m fifty-something and I’m wise enough to understand that Christmas is different for everyone.

And different from year to year.

And because I can.

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