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Getting arty farty at Boom Gallery

Being fifty-something, you don’t have to ask me twice …

… to an exhibition opening, that is.

I’ve been hankering for an excuse to get down to the Boom Gallery in Newtown, Geelong. When My Girl called to say a friend of hers was part of a new exhibition and that we were welcome at the opening, I pulled my arty farty pants on and headed down there.

Boom Gallery photo by Sheryl Allen

Boom Gallery is housed in a refurbed brick industrial building that makes for a unique space.

My Girl and I made a w-line directly for the complimentary wine on arrival (which always helps when you’re mingling with other arty farty types) and then got to exploring.

The exhibition is titled 40 x 40 Christmas Show. Each of the sixteen artists (mostly locals by the look of the names) has contributed two 40 x 40cm panels of their work, created on plyboard. With their curved cormers, the panels are reminiscent of the app’s on my iPhone or the images on Instagram … a very contemporary motif.

Here’s gorgeous My Girl posing with the works we’d come to see (and with complimentary wine).

My Girl at Boom

These two big-eyed girls (the ones on the wall, not My Girl) were created by Morgan Connoley, a talented (and stunning) young local illustrator who is worth watching. You can follow her on instagram to see more of her work: [colour_and_skulls] or search for her on facebook: [Morgan Connoley Illustrator]. There’s so much heart in her works and she is creative across several mediums and genres.

There were plenty of other creations to see, some within the exhibition and some without. Here are some snapshots for your delectation. I didn’t jot down the artists’ names (couldn’t manage that AND the camera AND the complimentary wine).


The 40 x 40 Christmas Show is on for a couple of weeks and is well worth a visit if you’re in the region. Boom Gallery has a funky coffee shop and a fascinating array of design objects for sale and for sighing over … perfect place to discover a unique Christmas pressie (to give or keep).

If you need an excuse to slip into your arty farty pants and get out and support local artists and one of the independent galleries that supports them, just tell them I sent you.

Boom Gallery photo by Sheryl Allen

Boom Gallery

11 Rutland Street

Newtown Vic 3220

Ph: 0417 555 101

Open: Wed to Sat 9.30am – 4pm

Find Boom Gallery on facebook, too.

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