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My queendom for a cupcake

Being fifty-something, I would do (almost) anything for a cupcake.

Imagine my delight, then, when Karen and Wendy over at the totally enchanting After the Kids Leave blog endowed Being Fifty-Something with this cupcake award:

Feeling honoured, humbled, surprised and a little puzzled … all at once.

Sweet indeed.

More magic my way from the blogosphere, that enchanting online community that has welcomed me, unconditionally, since my first blogpost just a few months ago. Eighty posts and 14,000 blog hits later, I’m starting to settle in. I’m amazed by the folk I’ve “met” through blogging and how easily connections are made (and felt). I’m looking at you, Karen and Wendy … the chattiest, friendliest, most supportive bi-sister-blogging force in the online empty-nester space.

Now, the So Sweet Blog Award comes with its own super-powers … the ability to pass the award onto others. I’m not going to do that (for my own special, quirky reasons) but I WILL (just for the fun of it) point you in the direction of three more of my favourite blogs (over and above After the Kids Leave, of course):

Belly Button Blues – where the brilliant Teresa dispenses (almost daily) humorous missives about all things boomer. She cracks me up.

Our Empty Nest – where the elegant Patricia curates beautiful things: home décor, midlife wisdom, travel stories and more. I want to live in her website.

Hello From Tassie – where my thirty-something friend and one-time-neighbour Alex shares inspiration for simple living, home design on a budget and the Tasmanian way of life. Wish I’d known what Alex knows when I was her age!

The challenge now? To not rest on my laurels … I need to devise some kick-ass blogposts to prove I’m worthy of this award.

No pressure.

It’s not sheep stations.

Just cupcakes.

And what I wouldn’t do for a cupcake.

8 thoughts on “My queendom for a cupcake

  1. You’re most welcome–and we wish the cupcake were a bit more substantial! Have a lovely day.
    Karen & Wendy

  2. Thanks for mentioning my blog. It’s a great way to help out other writers because now I’ll check out the sites of all the ones you mentioned in your post. As we are kindred spirits, I’ll very likely love them too.
    Congratulations on the well-deserved award.

    1. Thanks, Teresa. It is lovely to be noticed. But I doubt I would have lasted the distance (those few short months!) if not for the support of bloggy friends and prolific visitors/commenters such as yourself. I love how it all goes around, comes around. S. 🙂

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