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Being fifty-something, I’m weirdly attracted to those magazine articles that promise to add a few more years to life-as-I-know-it. I mean, you just never know what revolutionary font of youth you might discover. Recently, the following caught my eye as number three below a heading 30 Ways to Live Longer: Mmm. Who’d have thunk? The… Continue reading Diddly-squat

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Hob-knobbery at the local church jumble sale

Being fifty-something, I love discovering a foraging opportunity close to home. And so it came to pass that I hurried along to the local church jumble sale, just a few doors down from my own, arriving expectantly at the advertised start time. Alas, the early bird had beaten me to the worm. There were sold… Continue reading Hob-knobbery at the local church jumble sale

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Gone clubbing … fifty-something style

Being fifty-something, the thought of joining a new club is at once daunting and exciting. Recently I accompanied my friend W to our first (for both of us) meeting of the Geelong Bottle and Collectors Club. I was uneasy, unsure whether I’d meet the club membership requirements. I’m not a fanatical collector. I have more… Continue reading Gone clubbing … fifty-something style

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The year of the fecking fence

Being fifty-something, I’ve lived within many different fences, both physical and metaphoric. The fences on my mind just now are the physical ones. The year 2012 is panning out to be our “Year of the Fence”. Did someone declare 2012 “International Year of the Fecking Fence” … and forget to warn me? We have just… Continue reading The year of the fecking fence