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Celebrating fifty-something in style … at The Press Club

Being fifty-something, I love welcoming others into the “fifty-something” club.

Mostly, I’m more excited than they are. I remember that reluctance, the hesitance to own the “fifty-something” tag. Owning the tag doesn’t mean that’s all there is to you.

I like to set rookie fifty-somethings straight. Resistance is futile. You can’t run. You can’t hide. And why would you want to? (Asserted like an experienced fifty-something, wouldn’t you say?)

My advice? Even if you didn’t ask for it. You might as well get in there, embrace the big five-oh and give the next fifty years or so a red hot go.

My sister’s partner (let’s call him G) did just that with his recent fiftieth birthday celebrations. For a while there it looked like he might ignore the milestone … and perhaps, if left to his own devices, he would have.

But no … he eventually cartwheeled across the line and into the club (literally) with a super stylish family lunch celebration at Melbourne’s The Press Club.

You know the one … owned by George Calombaris of Masterchef fame. George was in South Africa at the time; otherwise I’m sure he would have joined us at our table. He did leave a card for the birthday boy.

How lucky are we to be included as family in this shindig? The Press Club is quite a step-up from our usual lunch haunts and a brilliant place to create a memorable fifty-something birthday experience. Thanks G.

From the moment we stepped through the front doors, we were impressed … sophisticated décor, hovering staff and a Greek-inspired menu that promised new tastebud territory.

At the risk of looking and sounding like a food blogger who snaps shots of every meal (for just few seconds), here’s what I chose …

The Duck Entree:

Courgette Main:

Saganaki Dessert:

How crazy is that dessert? Shaved beetroot and haloumi. Delish. It was all delish … every course, every food frontiering mouthful of  it.

Then there were wines, coffees and easy conversation into the afternoon.

Oh, and speeches. From G’s mum, from G and from G’s teenage son who stole the show with some tear-jerking honesty.

It was lovely to share this special time with G’s family. He’s been a part of our family for seven years now and we’re damned lucky to have him.

Of course, he’s damned lucky to have my sister RH in his life, too. And us.

All round … it’s a pretty exceptional arrangement.

So, Happy 50th Birthday G … may we all share many, many more family celebrations around big tables, groaning with great food, approachable wines and lively conversation.


4 thoughts on “Celebrating fifty-something in style … at The Press Club

  1. My fiftieth birthday was a gala event of small occasions. I had high tea with the female members of my family, workmates threw a lunch for me, I had lunch with girlfriends, and then my two daughters and I went away to the beach for a “howling at the moon” weekend where we walked the beach, had massages, drank white wine and ate ourselves senseless. Every year since I make my birthday a series of small events and it is just wonderful. I adore being in my fifties, as I have never been so happy with myself.

    1. Ah … the birthday Festival of Flamingo: it sounds fabulous. Every one of them is worth celebrating, eh? Spreading celebrations out over several small events is genius. S. 🙂

  2. It sounds like such a wonderful celebration. Astonishing menu – in every dish there was at least one ingredient about which I had no earthly clue!

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