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A milestone that truly matters

Being fifty-something, I know milestones matter.

Today someone-near-and-dear-to-me celebrated a very special milestone … 10 years of being cancer-free.

Now there’s something worth celebrating.

Photo by The Suss-man (Mike) at

What a journey since that frightening decade-ago diagnosis of breast cancer.

It’s still frightening. It always will be.

My someone-near-and-dear-to-me is quick to credit the love and support of those around her, but I imagine, in many ways, it’s a lonely journey. How could it not be?

Cancer is such a bitch. It re-routes lives and families into roads less travelled, lays bare the best-laid plans. You can try to find the positives, but really they’re empty … consolation-silver-lining-only thinking that might help someone get through the moment, the hour, the day.

They don’t change the reality.

Mostly, cancer is a bitch.

At least, I imagine so.

Or, I can’t imagine.

My someone-near-and-dear-to-me is fighting her good fight with dignity, grace and determination. I admire that. She is amazing and beautiful.  Her three girls know it. Her hubby knows it. I know it. I hope she knows it.

It’s not my place to be proud of her. But I am.

Well played, someone-near-and-dear-to-me. Well played.

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