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Jack Sparrow and the (metaphorical) circle of life

Being fifty-something, I know we can learn a lot from the animal world.

Especially from our domesticated friends, like our Jack Sparrow (pirate cat and bon vivant).

Jack’s not the most worldly of cats. He didn’t venture outside for the first seven years of his life (not unless you count that time he fell out the bathroom window).

It doesn’t take much to put him off his game.

Perhaps it’s our new French doors.

Perhaps it’s the particular height of the sun in the sky at this time of year.

Perhaps it’s Jack having a midlife crisis of some sort.

Jack’s newest midlife dilemma goes like this:

He approaches the back door, meowing to be allowed in.

As I swing the door open, it creates light reflections on the decking.

Jack is (at once) fascinated and fearful of the reflections. They are his “predators of the wild” to be stalked and possessed. He chases them obsessively around the deck before getting spooked and skittering down the stairs and into the yard.

I close the door.

A few minutes later, Jack returns to the door, meowing to be allowed back in.

We go through the exact same process again.

And again.

And again.

There it is … the metaphorical circle of life.

If I were Doctor Dolittle I would tell Jack straight (damn straight): “Chasing shiny objects puts you off your main game. You need to focus on what you want. Take the opportunities (like the open door) when they appear. Key take-away: focus.”

If I were Doctor Dolittle, I’d deliver that advice in a lilty-show-tune-kind-of-way.

But I’m not. So I yell at Jack in my cranky-old-woman voice: “Feck off then you moggy muppet. I am not opening the door for you again. Ever!”

And thus the circle of life is broken.

For ever.

(Until next time.)

9 thoughts on “Jack Sparrow and the (metaphorical) circle of life

  1. Jack is kind of the equal and opposite of our old Angus. Basically Angus was afraid of nothing (even when he should have been), but he was always on the wrong side of every door. Jack is much, much prettier, though. 🙂

  2. Jack Sparrow is the spitting image of Tuxie, the cat we acquired when my daughter and fam moved to California (this past Tuesday). He finally ventured out from under the garden shed this morning–hungry for attention.

    1. If Tuxie is anything like Jack, you’ll love having him in your life, Teresa. Is that Tuxie-as-in-tuxedo? Jack’s a scaredy-cat … most of our family and friends have only glimpsed him in the distance once or twice. They call him the phantom cat … or Yeti. But when it’s just us, he’s the neediest cat of all. Enjoy Tuxie! S.

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