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Be careful what you wish for (a cautionary tale of upcycling)

Being fifty-something, you’d think I’d have learnt to keep my big mouth shut. When I went public on this Nothing Like a Candle in the Wind blogpost about my fetish for Fowlers Vacola jars, I should have known I’d get more than I bargained for. And so it was. My sister K responded with an… Continue reading Be careful what you wish for (a cautionary tale of upcycling)

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Roadtrip to a funeral (or Tour of Cool 2012)

Being fifty-something, I’ve enjoyed many roadtrips. When you’re married to a professional driver who loves the road you tend to drive the sorts of distances others fly. When I was growing up, our family took annual roadtrips to “the country” to visit our grandparents, uncles/aunts and cousins. This week my three sisters and I took… Continue reading Roadtrip to a funeral (or Tour of Cool 2012)

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My $4 verandah update

Being fifty-something, I’ve learned to watch the pennies. I try not to waste our “hard-earned” on transient and superfluous fluff that inevitably ends up in landfill. As regular readers will know, we’re heading towards the big “D” word. Downsizing. That means readying our home for sale. It’s a humongous task and we’re chipping away at… Continue reading My $4 verandah update

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Ambushed by memories … and loving it.

Being fifty-something, I’ve got half a lifetime’s worth of memories to manage. Photographs, mementos, cards, keepsakes, touchstones … however you categorise them, I possess as many of them as the next fifty-something. When I wrote about the memories sparked by this photo a couple of weeks back, I was amazed at the number of family… Continue reading Ambushed by memories … and loving it.