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Lego, window-leering, lunch and lollies

Being fifty something I leap at any opportunity I can to feed my inner child.

So it didn’t take much enticing to get Mr P and moi down to Point Lonsdale on The Bellarine for the Queenscliff Bricks (Lego) exhibition. (We never need an excuse to take a drive to this beautiful part of the world.)

I was hoping to see some truly creative Lego masterpieces, maybe in the style of Nathan Sawaya, the creative genius behind this compelling piece of blockery:

lego masterpiece by nathan sawaya
Yellow lego creation By Nathan Sawaya

Check out Nathan’s website gallery … you don’t have to be a Lego fanatic to appreciate his work.

At Point Lonsdale, I found something entirely different. Well, same … but different. The weekend’s exhibition comprised replica pieces.

Replica space ships:

lego spaceships bellarine

Replica Eiffel tower:

Lego bellarine eiffel tower

Replica Buckingham Palace (complete with a bustling crowd of Lego men and women):

Lego Bellarine Buckingham palace

There was a replica Yoda, a replica Government House, a replica-just-about-anything-you-can-imagine.

The hall was buzzing with little Lego-lovers and big Lego-leerers. It takes a shipload of Lego and even more concentration to put these massive works together.

The Rotary Club had the place running like clockwork. Don’t they know how to run an event? Crowd control, ticket scanning, people counting, catering … even a donut van waiting at the exit for Mr P.

Lunch in nearby Queenscliff was a given, but not before the obligatory wander up then down the main street … always a window shopping winner in this funky seaside locale.

I fed my inner child some more with this behind-the-glass creation:

Upholstery striped chair with tail

Apparently my inner child was skipping hand-in-hand with my inner wannabe upholsterer … these beauties were enough to lure me (and my inner alters) inside for a closer inspection:

Sausage Dog chairs

Lunch at the Beaches Cafe didn’t disappoint. Nor did a swing past the Seaside Lolly Shop to bag some sugar before heading home.

Fully satisfied. All of us. Inner child included.

3 thoughts on “Lego, window-leering, lunch and lollies

  1. SOOO COOL!!! I got one of my sons hooked on Lego – he can build anything. All I ever built was square houses. ( I was so excited when they finally came out with doors and windows) If only more parents would spend less on designer clothes and gadgets and more time on practical creativity – the basics you know, just paint, or pencil or blocks.. I swear it makes total sense to me now what my two boys are interested in. I can absolutely relate it the toys and manner in which they played with those toys – to what they are interested in now (at 16 and 18).

    1. That’s just what Mr P and I were saying at the exhibition … imagine what we could have done with all those fancy, hi-tech pieces. We basically had fours, twos and roof pieces (if we were lucky) in our day. Still, that Nathan Sawaya manages quite well without too much fancy equipment! Enjoy! S.

  2. I play Legos with my grandguys for hours and hours–and then hours and hours more after they go home.

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