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Thinking about … wind turbines

*** warning: weird brain-dump post following***

Being fifty-something, I think way too much.

Lately I’ve been thinking about wind farms.
Photo by Cory Schadt

I love looking at wind turbines … those majestic towering beauties that appear on the horizon when you least expect it, in the middle of a Sunday drive. Sometimes you just get a glimpse of one in the distance. It seems to take forever to close in and get up close. Then you find there’s a whole flock of them cresting a clifftop or hugging the high-ground on a hill.

When you stand at the base of one of these giants, you feel a sense of strength and solidity amongst amazing silence (at least, I do!)

I could look at them all day. I find them weirdly intriguing even though they are so incongruent with the landscapes they occupy. Perhaps it’s what they represent: humans sorting out more environmentally-conscious ways to live. (A bit airy fairy?)

The jury’s still out on whether they are actually silent and whether they can negatively impact wellbeing. I’m not saying I want one in my backyard, just that they look mighty schmick.

So, we’ve established I’m loopy … I love staring at wind turbines.

Then I start thinking about these aberrations:
Photo by Timm Suess

What were we thinking when we erected armies of these fuglies marching across the landscape?

I find nothing attractive in these. Just fugly, fugly, fugly. Even though they’re majestic, incongruent, solid and silent (except for that odd buzzing thing).

Between you and me, I DO think that’s a great photo of a fugly subject.

So, what’s my point?

All this thinking leads me to wonder whether we thought the power line stanchions were beautiful when they were being proposed/erected?

And am I still going to find wind farms beautiful (or even bearable) to look at in a couple of decades? I fear the novelty will wear off and they will evolve into fugly old blights on the landscape. Just like their ancestral cousins.

And, the even bigger question: is fugly OK if it’s going to help save the planet?

Feck. Definitely over-thinking.

Do you ever wonder about wind turbines? Love ‘em or hate ‘em?

5 thoughts on “Thinking about … wind turbines

  1. Love em, we made a small investment in Australia’s first community wind farm at Daylesford a couple of years ago. It was a punt to help along the project and just recently they are up live and working! Punching power back to the grid. It is brilliant.

    Great fecking article. Thanks.

    1. Thanks, Frank. The Daylesford/Leonards Hill Wind Farm is one of my nearest and dearest turbine perving spots! Good on you and yours for being involved in a great community project. I’m counting on them never looking fugly to me. S.

  2. Those power towers intimidate me. They’re like threatening robots from a Grade B movie.

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