Holy fork and cork! (craft success at last)

Being fifty-something, I love simple things.

Especially when it comes to craft. As I’ve bemoaned before, I struggle in the craft/DIY department.

So I’m sending a big shout out to Virginia at the always-something-new artsyvava blog for this easy-to-do DIY. (And to Patricia at Our Empty Nest for the headsup).

I dumbed down Virginia’s instructions a little further – yes, I am the lowest common craft denominator. With no specialist equipment, no purchase of materials and no talent whatsoever, I created these plant markers for my container herb garden.

Here’s how I did it (following most of Virginia’s step-by-step instructions).

The materials: forks and corks. I have a collection of vintage EP-ware cutlery waiting for sorting and decluttering. Two birds. One stone.

The tools: safety goggles (safety first), hammer/mallet, permanent marker.

I used the mallet to flatten down the forks, so they’d stand straight and tall in the pots.

Using a permanent marker, I carefully lettered a herb name on each cork. (Virginia suggests using a wood burner, but I don’t have one … nor the skills to operate one. Despite several hours rain today, the permanent marker is holding its own against the elements.)

I pushed each cork down onto its fork tynes, positioning the lettering slightly upward.

Virginia added a gorgeous string finish and bow to hers, but I (lazily) decided to go for a more minimalist look. This is the result.

No cost. No catastrophes. Quietly patting myself on the back about this one. Thanks, Virginia!

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