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Free ebooks for seniors. Who? Me?

Being fifty-something, I know that there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

The free ebook, however, is a reality. It’s all to do with the scale of digital publishing.

When Novel Seniors’ promo material first hit my inbox, my initial reaction was: senior? Who’s a senior around here?

Hang on. I am. Damn! I may as well check out the perks of senior-dom and see what’s on offer.

This is a new program, so I haven’t had a chance to test-drive it. Being a devotee of all things FREE, I’m willing to give it a go (at least once). Perhaps you are, too, so I’m sharing the love.

Partly because I like this graphic on their website.

Here’s the crux of it … in their words:

“We invite you to join the amazing new program Novel Seniors!

We are excited to offer free ebooks to you, our most cherished readers.

At least once a month we will donate free, yes we said FREE ebooks through Amazon to seniors. Just go to and sign up for our newsletter! Once you’re on the list we’ll send you free books!

And not just one book!! Heck no! For every book you claim we will send you another.

Every book you claim within the first hour of the giveaway will give you 5! chances to win a $25 gift card AND 5! chances to win our grand prize a KINDLE. (Example: Claim five books and you get 25 chances to win a gift card and 25 chances to win the KINDLE)

Don’t have a Kindle? No worries. There is a Kindle app for just about any electronic device. If you own a computer, smart phone, or iPod touch, then you are able to download the free ebooks.

Our next Free Give Away is Friday June 1. There are no gimmicks, fees, or hidden costs. We promise. So get in on the fun and sign up for our newsletter now! We look forward to sharing some great books with you.”

Worth a whirl?

I’ve signed up … will let you know how it goes.

By the way, no one asked my age through the subscription process. I’m not sure when the “senior” tag officially kicks in so who is eligible or not. Might even work out for you sweet young forty-somethings (or even younger).

Don’t dally … the first giveaway is 1 June.

Note: this is not a sponsored post. I am simply sharing what I believe to be a worthwhile offer. I am not endorsing or recommending. Just saying.

5 thoughts on “Free ebooks for seniors. Who? Me?

    1. Amazon has a lot of freebies. Go to their Kindle ebook store and you’ll see a link for the Top 100 Free Ebooks. There are more than 100, but those are the most pupolar you can browse the freebies in general. You can also download free ebooks from and The Kindle reads .mobi and .prc files, so either will do. Connect your Kindle to the computer and drag and drop the files into the Documents folder. You can also check out ebooks from many libraries on the Kindle.

      1. Thanks, Reda, for dropping by and sharing this great info. I definitely need to explore the free ebooks opportunities more widely – there’s obviously plenty out there. S.

  1. My e-book isn’t quite free. It’s 99 cents on Amazon. But it’s a fun read for seniors, especially those who play golf. It’s called “Somebody Killed the Cart Girl.” Everyone who’s read it, loves it. It’s a good old fashioned whodunit in the tradition of Agatha Christie. I’m a senior writer, age 62. After a lifetime of news writing, I started writing fiction, primarily mysteries, which are published by the ebook publisher Bookstogonow. Here is the link.

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