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The 10-minute take-10-years-off-your-hands sensation

Being fifty-something, my hands are not looking as young as they used to.

This favourite, super-cheap pick-me-up takes just a few minutes and makes my hands look like they did ten years ago, and feel like they did fifty-something years ago.

Yep, they feel as soft as newborn skin!

It’s a great at-home routine before a special event or meeting where you’re likely to be shaking hands (or holding hands).

And I bet you already have everything you need in your pantry.

For a ladies’ night in, grab a couple of girlfriends and a bottle of lubbly bubbly and get this thing rolling.

First put down a cloth (this could get messy), roll up your sleeves, twist off your ring bling and wrist candy and put them somewhere safe (especially if you’ve started with the bubbles already).

This is what you’ll need:

White sugar, olive oil and lavender oil. That’s it. I’m even using home brands. You can substitute your favourite essential oil for the lavender. I’ve done it with rose oil.

The quantities are up to you. I guess about half a cup of sugar, a good swizzle of olive oil (just enough to make the sugar sticky) and a few drops of the essential oil.

Mix it all together in a bowl and then start rubbing the mixture all over your hands and forearms. It’s crunchy (audibly!) and smooth at the same time. Massage it in for ten minutes or so and then rinse off in warm water.

Now … you see what I mean? Smooth as a bubby’s bum. The sugar exfoliates and the oil moisturises.

You can do your feet, too. In fact, you can do anything you like.

You’ll stay smooth for several days … and then you can just do it all again.


Credit: My nail polish is OPI’s My Private Jet, courtesy of My Girl.

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