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A book launch: Snowline by Jo Langdon

Being fifty-something and interested in writing, I love a book launch.

I was delighted to be invited to the recent launch of Snowline by Jo Langdon, a Geelong poet/writer.

Jo and My Girl have been friends since school. Jo often popped in and out of our home through her teen years, as My Girl popped in and out of Jo’s home. Over our kitchen counter I learnt of Jo’s early aspirations to be a writer.

Jo is now undertaking a PhD in literary studies at Deakin University, chasing her dreams.

She was co-winner of the 2011 Whitmore Press Manuscript Prize. (I’m confident there will be many more such prizes and awards in Jo’s writing career).

Snowline is a to-be-cherished chapbook of Jo’s poems, published by Whitmore Press.

My Girl and I warmed up (before the launch) with red wine in front of a fire and beneath this beast, at The Bended Elbow.

At Café Go, folk were gathering for the launch. We found brightly-cushioned seats around a chunky wooden table and sat beneath pretty things like these:

and these:

feasting on anti pasto and syrupy baklava, lingering with old friends (and new) before quieting to hear Jo read (ever so humbly) from Snowline.

“I’ll read one from the beginning and one from the end … and you can decide if you want to read what’s in the middle.”

Thankfully, she read one from the middle, too, and I have since devoured everything in between, every tantalising word, every perfectly formed (but never pretentious) phrase.

The critique on the Snowline’s cover describes it better than I ever can:

“With wit and shimmering precision Jo Langdon’s poems connect the surreal, imagined world to what is felt. Her music is spare, wounding, hypnotic.” Michelle Cahill.

I love how, at a book launch, you get special touches like this:

And a hand-written message on the title page (that’s too personal to share here).

Three of my favourite textual images from Snowline:

“Above a city I watch blackbirds,
beaded to fence wire”

“As a child I complained that she never wore
her wedding dress or rings. It took uncounted
years to see how she wears her love.”

“a small staircase beneath
porcelain bells of wisteria”

This is Jo at the launch. My crappy photography skills have endowed her with devil eyes. She is, in fact, an angel … an angel poet endowing little words with big wings.

If you don’t already love poetry, Snowline could be your perfect introduction.

Snowline by Jo Langdon is available through the Whitmore Press website at $19.95 (there might even be limited editions left, if you’re quick). They are offering free postage for Australia and very reasonable postage overseas.

If you’re in Geelong, you can pick up a copy of Snowline at Paton Books in Pakington Street (and a little birdie whispered that Dymocks Geelong are also stockists).

*This is NOT a sponsored post. I chose to purchase Snowline and am simply sharing the joy of it (and the launch event) here.

3 thoughts on “A book launch: Snowline by Jo Langdon

  1. Can’t wait to get my copy back! I love the line about the moon being broken, it reminds me of the Monkey’s Mask, have you read it? I’ll lend it to you if you like – Joey gave it to me years ago, I love it.

    loved drinking under the beast with you

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