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Check out my new wheels

Being fifty-something, I’m always on the look-out for things that make life simpler.

When I spied my new wheels sitting in a corner in my local thrift shop, I saw “simple” written all over them.

But then came the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt):

Will I … be setting myself up for midlife mockery?

Won’t I … be too embarrassed to actually be seen out in public?

Will I … leave the wheels lurking, unused in the dark corner of the spare room?

Won’t I? Will I? Won’t I?

Get with the program, Sheryl.

I was in love … sleek black lines (slimming, right?), big rubber wheels, a sturdy frame and a capacious belly bursting with zips and pockets and Velcro.

For twenty bucks, this black beauty was soon mine … and I haven’t looked back.

Regular readers will know I love to walk everywhere. I can go days (nay weeks) without starting the car.

But some days, when I’m clutching a big shopping list, the thought of lugging my recycle bags up the hill to home is just too much. Some days, I struggle. Some days, I surrender and take the car.

With this new black baby, I can wheel my groceries all the way home behind me, even when the list demands milk and juice and kitty litter and copious quantities of fruit and veg.

The shopping trolley has come a long way since my mum’s. Hers was a boxy, vinyl job – square-shaped on four wheels and designed(!) to push awkwardly along ahead (like a pram).

It was perfect for mum to wheel her way around to the local shopping strip.

She would park it out front of each shop, loading in the produce from the fruit and veg shop, the grocers and the butcher shop as she went.

Those were the days when you could safely leave your trolley out the front of the shop without fear (well, you couldn’t wheel it into the butchers with all that sawdust on the floor, could you?)

Mum would have been delighted with this not-a-nanna-in-sight, totally-non-mock-worthy version. Like me, she’d have felt a sense of purpose towing it along behind … a woman on a mission (which she always was).

You can get up some real speed with a well-engineered trolley.

I imagine myself as one of those flash city lawyers strutting off to an important court hearing safely pulling the brief of evidence along behind in a wheeled suitcase. (Truly, I’m toting tomatoes, tampons and teabags).

Or, on a good day, I imagine I’m striding through an international airport with my sleek wheeled Louis Vuitton luggage full of carefully folded designer outfits, my Hermes scarf trailing behind in my wake as I hurry to catch my flight to the next exotic destination. (More precisely, I’m packing paperbacks, pumpkin, potatoes and a bargain-priced pork shoulder.)

Photo by Matthew Wilkinson

In reality, you’ll likely find me (and my trolley) at the farmers market, the supermarket, the deli, the library or simply striding up my local street.

Enough for now … I must (purposefully) get to court  catch that plane  snap up that red light special in aisle 6.

6 thoughts on “Check out my new wheels

  1. Brave move! Ha ha

    If it helps, the girls at work and I purchased a trolley very similar and use it for carting our meat and fruit and veg between work and the Queen Vic Markets. We are even thinking of bedazzling it.

    1. Yes, it does help Katy to know you sweet young things are on to this trend, too. 🙂 Bedazzling your shopping trolley is visionary … I will keep that in mind for when I tire of the look of mine. S

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