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Waving an inspiring newbie across the fifty-something line

Being fifty-something, I love to welcome others into the very exclusive second-half-of-life gang.

A fiftieth birthday is worth celebrating. According to National Seniors Australia, 818 Australians turn fifty each day. That could mean more than 5,700 fiftieth birthday celebrations each week!

I’m going to tell you about just one.

Our friend S was in two minds about whether she’d throw herself a fiftieth birthday party. I’m so glad she decided to (and that she asked us to join in the fun).

Sue's 50th 1
S sandwiched between a good friend and her niece, as boyfriend B gives a speech at her 50th party.

S is worth having on the fifty-something team. She leads an exceptionally full life including train-commuting from Geelong to Melbourne for work four days a week, sweating it out at the gym several evenings a week and competing in long-distance cycling events like Amy’s Ride and Around the Bay.

S loves dining out, drinking wine, dancing the night away and holidaying interstate with friends. Soon, she’s off on a holiday with her boyfriend, trekking in Borneo.

She enjoys the theatre and the cinema (possibly even long walks on the beach, though we’ve never discussed it).

I do know she’s an inspiring, positive and natural person who’s a lot of fun to be around.

Here’s the kicker … S is blind. We met when she was looking for someone to care for her guide dog Abbie while she recovered from surgery. I blogged about Abbie here.

sue's 50th 3
S celebrating with her mum and dad.

I’m not telling you about S because she’s blind. I’d be featuring her on my blog even if she wasn’t, simply because of the positive way she approaches life and everyone around her. She’s a glass-half-full type who finds ways to accomplish things, despite the considerable obstacles she often faces.

S could teach us all a thing or two about motivation and just getting on with it.

Some days I imagine her as the inspiring “just do it” voice doing a mighty smack-down of the grumpy, lazy old bitch grumbling at me to stay on the couch by the warm fire.

sue's 50th 2
S and boyfriend B.

I’m so thrilled to have S on the fifty-something team and to have been part of the group waving her across the line (all clutching champagne glasses).

A few more like her and I’ll be able to retire grumpy-old-bitch to the reserves for good.

2 thoughts on “Waving an inspiring newbie across the fifty-something line

  1. I’ll be waiting for you, Holly: ready to snap you up for my team. In the meantime, don’t let that corporate culture grind you down. We need fresh legs. S.

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