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home alone … at last

Being fifty-something means I’ve got used to my own space. Given that we’ve been married thirty-something years, people wonder how that can be. Mr P has almost always worked on rotating rosters or on jobs that take him away from home for days (sometimes weeks) at a time. I’m not complaining. When people ask me… Continue reading home alone … at last

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From smug to mug – the food miles lurking in my minestrone

Being fifty-something, I should know better. This morning I shared this photo on facebook, boasting about making minestrone. That’s the smug part. Once I had the minestrone makings in the slow cooker I sat down with a cuppa to read the Sunday paper. This article led the front page. It relates the demise of the… Continue reading From smug to mug – the food miles lurking in my minestrone

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The 10-minute take-10-years-off-your-hands sensation

Being fifty-something, my hands are not looking as young as they used to. This favourite, super-cheap pick-me-up takes just a few minutes and makes my hands look like they did ten years ago, and feel like they did fifty-something years ago. Yep, they feel as soft as newborn skin! It’s a great at-home routine before… Continue reading The 10-minute take-10-years-off-your-hands sensation

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If you’re happy and you know it …

Being fifty-something, I know how important “happiness” strategies are. Even for cheerful folk, the doldrums sometimes catch you unawares and unless you have some glass-half-full strategies bedded in, a day of the “sads” can lead to a week hiding (from the world) under your doona. For midlifers, change is in the air. Emptynesting. Downsizing. Retiring.… Continue reading If you’re happy and you know it …