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Revenge of the Egg Heads (celebrating small victories)

Being fifty-something, I like to celebrate small victories.

Getting the little things right can be more satisfying (and, let’s face it, more frequent) than solving life’s big dilemmas.

Here I’m sharing a tiny, minuscule triumph … getting the Easter presents bang-on target for the grand-nieces.

We don’t mark Easter with any great fanfare (other than our pagan Good Friday BBQ that I won’t go into here).

We’ve whittled down the gift-giving over the years and now only buy for the littlest generation, two grand-nieces and a grand-nephew (who are the cutest little trio you could ever hope to be related to).

Master Zero was easy – a touchy/feely “Spot” book. The girls, Miss 2 and Miss 3, were a little trickier. I didn’t want to go overboard on chocolate (they get so much!) and this is what I came up with … the Egg Heads: a very reasonably priced modern-day take on the carrot-tops-on-the-cottonwool-on-the-saucer-on-the-windowsills-of-yore.

Yes, I added in a couple of little chockie eggs each, too. It IS Easter.

The girls’ mum (my gorgeous niece E – no wonder those girls are so cute) has kept me in the picture from day one, so I know how much fun the Egg Heads have been.

Here’s the story so far, in photo diary format, courtesy of the lovely E.

7 April (Easter Saturday):

“Thanks for a great day yesterday. Thanks also for the pressies for the kids. As you can see the girls are very excited by their Egg Heads … although they think it’s going to grow instantly! Lol!”

egg heads 1

11 April:

“Mass excitement … the Egg Heads have sprouted!”

egg heads 2

13 April:

“The girls were squealing with delight at 6.45am this morning at the overnight Egg Head growth … just wanted to keep you informed!”

egg heads 3

23 April:

“Just thought I’d send you this photo. The Egg Heads had their first haircut today.”

egg heads 4

Small victory. Right there. A present (or two) that kept on keeping on.

*awkwardly high-fives self*

5 thoughts on “Revenge of the Egg Heads (celebrating small victories)

    1. Eb Scotty said to please put the green egg on the left so it is looking at the other one. it looks like it’s ignoring the yellow one when it’s on the right  X

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