Venus and Mars go house-hunting.

Being fifty- something, we’re thinking about downsizing.

Before long we’ll be empty-nesters and this house just won’t fit us anymore. It’s too much to heat/cool, clean and maintain for just the two of us.

It was all part of our grand plan to sell this place about now, move to something smaller and free up some capital for the rest-egg.

Now the time is near, we’re unsure where we want to live, what sort of home we can get for our dollars and whether or not we might be better renting before leaping into something else.

We’ve decided to devote the next few months to checking out our options. We’re starting in our own backyard, in our own suburb (where we know we love living).

When it comes to house-hunting, Mr P and I are worlds apart (perhaps even galaxies).

Yes, we are Venus and Mars.

Our latest couple of inspections went something like this.

The first was a two-bedroom unit, one of four converted from a lovely old red brick bakery building. It’s just a few doors down from our house.

the bakery

Mars: It’s kind of cosy.
Venus: In a dungeon-like way?

Mars: I think it’s been styled. No-one is living here.
Venus: It smells like someone’s living here.

Venus: It’s so dark. What a pity those windows face south, not north.
Mars: Which way is north?

Venus: There’s no toilet downstairs.
Mars: Yes there is.
Venus: No there’s not.
Mars: What’s this then?
Venus: Toilets in laundries don’t count.

Venus: There is a party wall right along this side.
Mars: They should have put some windows in it.

The second was a more contemporary townhouse, just a couple of streets away.

spring st townhouse

Mars: Where’s the shed?
Venus: Where’s the laundry?

Mars: You could fit one car, maybe two in the driveway out front.
Venus: There was a driveway out front?

Mars: Wow! Check out the size of this bed!
Venus: There’s no room for bedside tables.

Mars: You could back a truck into the walk-through wardrobe.
Venus: But could I squeeze an ironing board in there?

Venus: This dining area is lovely with that large north-facing window.
Mars: Which way is north?

Time will tell if the planets ever align enough for us to agree on a new place to live. I’m sure it will happen; we’ve done it before (three times).

Today, it looks like light years away.

In the meantime, when those real estate agents start calling for feedback on these inspections … I’ll just refer them here.

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