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Shed Off Pako – destined to be a new fave

Being fifty-something, I love finding new places in my own neighbourhood.

This morning we came across this treasure, a few streets away in Preston St, just off Pakington Street, Geelong West (thus its name “Shed Off Pako”).

shed off pako brand

From the outset, this looked like my kind of place. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Be. Still. My. Beating. Heart.

I was so excited by what I saw, I needed to take some deep, settling breaths so I could focus.

Shed Off Pako is full of fascinating second-hand items. Not your usual motley overpicked collection. Everything in this assortment is a gem. Not your high-end, overpolished antiques, more your rustic-come-warehouse-come-picker-sisters style.

When I relaxed enough to have a really good look around me, I saw a familiar face … a dealer I know (from my other life).

Adrian has set up Shed Off Pako with Deb, another dealer who I also know (from that other life). They have terrific dealer instincts and an eye for the unusual. Deb has an arty side which lends itself to quirky assemblages and seeing the beauty in things others might overlook.

Lots of stuff here is perfect for re-purposing.

I loved this leadlight window, very reasonably priced at $95.

shed on pako leadlight

This metal cabinet of tiny drawers is also good value at $85.

shed on pako mini cabinet

The whole place is full of chairs, cabinets, glass shades …

shed on pako chairs

And more …

shed on pako shell boxes

This glass-topped table took our eye.

shed on pako table

But what really grabbed us was this barley twist wooden standard lamp with an unusual oil burner top and an electric globe sitting atop that. We’ve been looking for an oak barley twist standard lamp base for quite some time, and at $140 this one’s well-priced.

shed on pako lamp

We left it behind this time. Not sure about what sort of shade to match it with and whether we can cope with the cord dangling from the top of the lamp, rather than coming from its base, which is the usual (and much neater) way it’s done.

The jury’s still out on it.

she don pako 2

Shed Off Pako has only been open three weeks, which explains why we’ve only just found it! For now, it’s only open from 10-5pm on Saturdays.

Another very compelling reason to get yourself down to Pakington Street on a weekend.

3 thoughts on “Shed Off Pako – destined to be a new fave

  1. Sheryl,
    Thanks for heart felt piece. We are now open Thurs & Fri & have some great fresh treasures in
    – Adrian

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