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If it ain’t broke …

Being fifty something, I subscribe to the baby boomer creed of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

It makes sense for the planet and the hip pocket to only replace things that no longer do what they were designed to do. Not when fashion or vanity dictate.

My resolve was tested recently when I found inspiration on my friend and one time neighbour Alex’s blog to whip up some home-made pesto using the last of the basil from my herb garden.

I’ll admit right here  that I didn’t know basil only lasted the one season. I was worried that it looked a bit straggly!

So I dragged out my ancient food processor to get some pesto whizzing.

My trusty old Breville Kitchen Wizz looked no match for Alex’s shiny, sleek new model.

kitchen whizz

Mine was a wedding present; that makes it thirty-two years old!

It has quite a vintage look about it, a bit of eighties mission brown, a boxy shape and nothing sparkly or shiny happening at all.

It’s a bitch to clean and almost impossible to fit in the dishwasher.

It’s cumbersome to get out of the cupboard but not pretty enough to leave out on the bench.

But … it ain’t broke.

It still does exactly what it was designed to do. I’ve seen Jamie Oliver using one that looks very similar.

It whizzed the straggly basil, garlic, oil, parmesan and pine nuts into a lovely jar of pesto.

When I served the pesto last night, stirred through chicken and pasta along with a beetroot salad (also inspired by Alex’s blog), Wonder Boy was impressed enough to snap a pic for Instagram. pesto pasta dinner We even toasted the ancient Breville Kitchen Wizz with a glass of red.

I hope, when I’m ancient and looking a bit vintage, with brown bits and a boxy shape, that someone takes heart and decides not to replace me.

I hope, when I’m a bitch to clean and almost impossible to manoeuvre into the shower, that someone will take the time to soak me in a warm bubbly tub.

I hope, when I’m cumbersome to get out of bed and not looking sparkly, that someone will make the effort to lift me up and bring me out to share in whatever’s going on in the world … and toast me with a glass of red (even if I am broke).

Time to make room for my ancient Breville Kitchen Wizz on the bench, methinks.

I’m warming to its charms. kitchen whizz 2

6 thoughts on “If it ain’t broke …

  1. OMG!! I have a Kitchen whizz nearly the same as yours. Mine is a bit older and I totally agree with you, if it ain’t broke don;t fix it. Actually mine is ‘broke’ but I still use it because it still works although I do have to use a spoon handle to push the little button near the lid that makes the motor run. I love it to bits, mission brown colour and all.

    1. Oh Jude, lovely to hear about your Kitchen Wizz! I know exactly what you mean. Mine has been dodgy around that little push-down button, almost from day one but it just keeps on keeping on. I figure there must be a small army of these little beauties out there whizzing up a storm in kitchens around the country … and beyond.

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