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Losing my virginity at Aldi

Being fifty-something, I’ve had to eat my own words more than once.

I jump to conclusions, make assumptions and narrow my mind as often as the next fifty-something know-it-all.

Luckily, I’ve learned to admit when I’m wrong and am prepared to munch-down big-time on humble pie.

Up until today, I hadn’t stepped beyond the sliding aluminium doors of an Aldi supermarket.

Yet, I had a superbly developed, non-budge-able preconception.

I used words like this to describe my perception of the Aldi shopping experience: “cheap and nasty” / “exorbitant food miles” / “crappy brands” / “cheerless, exploited staff” / and, the one I’m most ashamed of: “bogan-ville”.

I was wrong.

aldi, shopping, supermarket

Mr P has been slipping into Aldi (solo) for a while to pick up his favourite flavoured coffee syrup (and an assortment of pre-packaged snacky-type foods).

I was never terribly impressed by what he bought home – it only seemed to reinforce my preconceived notion.

Then I read this post on Rhonda Hetzel’s Down to Earth blog.

I have a lot of respect for Rhonda. Her suggestion that you can save up to 30% by shopping at Aldi not only surprised me … it convinced me that I hadn’t given this supermarket a fair go.

Today, I took the plunge beyond the aluminium sliding doors to experience Aldi for myself.

I am no longer an Aldi virgin.

I am now an Aldi lover.

And I see myself becoming quite an Aldi tart.

I found great brands, a fair proportion of Aussie brands and Aussie-grown produce, excellent value, cheerful and friendly staff, and a cohort of very pleasant much-like-me fellow shoppers.

Some of the prices were astonishing. I can see how, with a little planning, you could achieve a 30% saving (yes, Rhonda rocks).

The only sad note was seeing this lonely pooch left behind in the car (not ours) while his owner shopped:

dogs in cars

Humble pie is never delicious.

Yet again, I’ve had to eat my unpalatable words (“bogan-ville” was especially nasty).

I’m planning to develop a new tasty mini-vocabulary to describe Aldi as I make subsequent visits over the coming months.

If you’re an Aldi virgin, I suggest you get down there and get your rocks off (at least once, so you know what you’re missing).

2 thoughts on “Losing my virginity at Aldi

  1. glad to hear I’m not the only Aldi tart in the family. I get a sense of adventure when I walk through those sliding aluminum doors… and I like it!


    1. I just found your comment in my spam filter, My Girl (how dare they!). You’ve taught me a thing or two about Aldi … I should have listened to your advice earlier; I’d have been an Aldi addict long before now. See you beyond the sliding aluminium doors.


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