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Why I love window shopping

Being fifty-something, I love window shopping.


I’m not much of a conventional shopper. I don’t care for in-store browsing one little bit.

My favourite part of a shopping trip is stopping to enjoy a coffee while I watch the passing parade of shoppers, struggling with their bags-full of purchases.

The fact is, I don’t buy much at all. And virtually nothing which is new and full price.

Window shopping costs me zilch.

Out on the pavement, I don’t have to deal with snarky sales staff or be overwhelmed by choice. I figure they put their most impressive stock window-side, anyway.

Yes, I love a bargain. I’ll happily wait until end-of-season for something I’m lusting after. Even then you won’t find me amongst the throngs of bargain-hunters fisting it out over a price-reduced item.

I grace the shiny, over-lit, tiled thoroughfares of a big shopping plaza only once or twice a year, when I really have no choice.

I much prefer browsing at markets and supporting crafters, local growers and creative folk who are having a red hot go at doing something different.

I love shopping second-hand – at op shops, demolition yards, garage sales and online.

But I also love window shopping. And there’s nowhere I’d rather do that than in my local retail strip, Pakington Street.

eclectica 2

This morning, I was out before opening time, dog in tow, peeking through the glass (not the crowds) at the beautiful items carefully displayed for passers-by. Who could pass this by?

These photo’s are of my favourite Pakington Street shop, eclectica. It’s always inspirational with a dizzy, ever-changing mix of vintage and new, re-purposed and hand-crafted.


The window display evolves ALL the time, so I never tire of looking.

And when I need a special gift, this is the place where I choose to shop in-store (and pay full price).

Why? Because peering in through that window, I know the owner gathers her products with love and care.

And that matters.

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