I felt like getting crafty

Being fifty-something, I’m super keen to learn new things.

Instead of the hot flashes/flushes I’m expecting around now, I’m feeling sudden, unexpected urges to get my creative on with something ultra-crafty.

I’m on the hunt for a good upholstery course in my area (as listed on my Bucket List) and I’ve been looking at some other possibilities in the meantime.

I’ve started a rag rug (as you might have already read about) but I need more!

My instincts are telling me (they’re shouting really) to try something else I’ve never tried before.

OMG: maybe it’s my hormones yelling.

A few days ago I saw an ad for a felt-making workshop at my local community centre. I have no idea how felt is made, but I do see some gorgeous and uber-creative hand-crafted felt pieces when I’m out and about at markets. Felting has always struck me as a very “free” craft where there aren’t too many rules about what you create. A myriad of colours and textures, endless different end-products.

Seems to have a bit of a hippy feel about it, too, which I don’t mind one little bit (insert peace signs and daisies).

So, I stuck that ad to my fridge door while I gave it some more thought – it takes me a while to warm to new things.

Yesterday, I hotted up plenty fast when My Girl arrived with this gift for me:

funky felt bag

Just look at it – a funky hand-crafted felt bag full of colour and life. I can’t help but imagine the crazy crafter who created this beautiful thing of joy.

I want to be that crafter.

Surely it’s a sign.

My decision is made … straight after Easter I’m enrolling for the felt-making workshop.

I’m gonna channel my inner hippy and learn about something brand new, just for me.

By the way, my inner hippy is twenty-something. She’s thin and gorgeous with long, blonde hair that moves. She looks a lot like Stevie Nicks.

Can’t wait to see how this works out.

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