Getting my crafty on.

Being fifty-something, I’m feeling a bit crafty. Not sly like an old fox kind of crafty. I’m feeling arty (yet homely) like an old lady with a hankering to crochet nanna squares. I blogged about it here. That felt-making workshop eventuated this past weekend. It exceeded my expectations. It whetted my appetite for all things… Continue reading Getting my crafty on.

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Revenge of the Egg Heads (celebrating small victories)

Being fifty-something, I like to celebrate small victories. Getting the little things right can be more satisfying (and, let’s face it, more frequent) than solving life’s big dilemmas. Here I’m sharing a tiny, minuscule triumph … getting the Easter presents bang-on target for the grand-nieces. We don’t mark Easter with any great fanfare (other than our… Continue reading Revenge of the Egg Heads (celebrating small victories)

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Shed Off Pako – destined to be a new fave

Being fifty-something, I love finding new places in my own neighbourhood. This morning we came across this treasure, a few streets away in Preston St, just off Pakington Street, Geelong West (thus its name “Shed Off Pako”). From the outset, this looked like my kind of place. And I wasn’t disappointed. Be. Still. My. Beating.… Continue reading Shed Off Pako – destined to be a new fave