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The taming of the shoes (and tshirts)

Being fifty something I should probably have perfected certain nifty domestic systems.

Not so. I still struggle with effective storage, especially when it comes to my shoes and clothes. I simply have more stuff than fits in the available wardrobe and drawers space.

Recently I read that Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, the online shoe store juggernaut, has only ten pairs of shoes.

Aha moment.

Right there.

If he could manage with ten pairs then surely I could manage with twenty.

Time to tame my shoes!

I have shoes hidden everywhere … huddled in the dark bottom corners of my wardrobe, lurking under my bed (some loose, some in plastic tubs), waiting in my bottom drawer and (my favourites) floating purposelessly around the floor near the bedroom door where I can find them fast.

Today I gathered them all together for a stocktake. There were forty-one pairs including tall boots, short boots, runners, thongs, heels, sandals, slip-ons and loafers.

One-by-one (or is that two-by-two) I examined each pair thinking about how long since they’d last made it past the bedroom door, their relative comfort level and whether or not they had really seen better days (most had).

Before long I had whittled my collection down to twenty pairs of keepers and twenty-one pairs of losers.

Here’s a pic of the ones that didn’t make the cut and are on their way to good will.

Too easy.

I was on a roll so turned to my messy, overflowing tshirt drawer.

I remembered an idea I’d seen on a declutter site. It reminded me of how our Japanese exchange students had educated us years ago about packing for travel. They didn’t fold their clothes; they rolled them up.

This idea was similar. Rather than the traditional approach of folding each tshirt about half-way down before stacking them one on top of another so you can’t see what’s underneath, this idea advocates fold them again (and even again) so they stack vertically, row-by-row, in the drawer. Brilliant!

Now I can see exactly what I’ve got and get to any tshirt (fast) without too much effort (perfect solution for a lazy-bones like me). I even good-willed a few as I went.

Tshirts tamed. Tick.

Shoes tamed. Tick.

Time for a cuppa.

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